Speaking of hair….


My oldest son’s hair is getting out of control:

As is his attitude. Which is evident in the above photo..but back to the hair.

This boy loves his hair.  He loves it so much that we use it as leverage for good grades.

(do not judge me…I’ll use whatever I’ve got..the boy needs to do well in school, and if the threat of a drastic haircut is what it takes…so be it. )

But that hair…it is so…so….






Michael Kelso:

No..really…it is!!!

Sadly…the boy is a bit like Michael Kelso too.

I cannot tell you how many times he has tripped over the most minuscule thing and gone crashing into the wall in a flurry of hair and grunts.

Makes me laugh every time.

And the phrase “OW! MY EYE!!!!” is way too commonly heard around here.

But back to the hair…

Clay had a cross country meet last Tuesday, and I was finally able to go watch him run.

So of course I brought the camera and took some pics.

And when I got home and started looking through them, I just had to chuckle.

That boy’s hair has taken on a life of it’s own:

I mean…it’s just so….so….long.

If he’s not careful..the boy might take to flight with those wings!

The boy could do commercials for hair product.  It’s crazy…I have my very own little Kelso living with me.

Only this one is much smarter…and funnier…and well..just ten times more awesome.

And I am awful proud of him…and his running.  He’s a great kid..hair and all.


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