Your hair…it’s so….CRAZY!!!!


Of course, it was crazy hair night at AWANA.

Boy did I have a good time making my kids look like something out of a punk rock 80’s, european band.

It was awesome.

Rick went with a spiky blue style, and M’Kayla…well…you’ll have to see it to believe it:

And of course, since Brian and I are leaders, we had to have crazy hair too. I found a special wig for Brian. Why you ask? Well..he really doesn’t have any hair on his head to speak of…so it’s kinda hard to make it look “crazy”. But this wig…it works:

And me? Well…you wont’ be seeing any pictures of my crazy hair. Which wasn’t actually crazy at all..unless you call pony tales with pink stripes crazy…

I have taken the position of being behind the camera for a reason folks.

I’ll leave the abject humiliation to my hubby and kids thankyouverymuch.

Like when we went to dinner after AWANA.  You should have seen the looks my poor kids were getting. And the downright dirty looks I got!  It was pretty funny.

Even more fun to peek around after the food arrived at our table and we all bowed our heads to say grace before we ate.

I love to keep people guessing.

And I sure hope that those people who’s jaws dropped when we started to pray got a firm lesson in judging a book by it’s cover.

Just goes to show…you just never really know!


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  1. LOL!!! Love Brian’s crazy hair ;o) M’Kayla and Ricky look adorable of course!!! You should have posted a picture of you…I personally wanted to see your pink stripes!! ;o)

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