Mobile pics


I have a pretty cool phone.

It’s not an iphone (would NEVER spend that sort of money, or leave my beloved verizon)

It’s not a blackberry.

It’s not fancy at all actually.

But it’s mine.

And it has a full keyboard, which makes me a texting pro. Because I cannot, for the life of me, text efficiently without a full keyboard.

It’s sad, I am aware.

You may not laugh…all of you freaks who can type with numbers on a regular phone.


Anyway…my phone also has a camera.

And if you know me…you know I love cameras.

I love having a camera with me at all times.

Even if it is a measly three megapixel camera that can’t take a good picture, no matter how much I beg it to.

I also got a really big memory card for my phone.  I had the option for a blue tooth..but noooooooo…I got a bigger memory card.

That is so me.

Anyway again…

I was looking through my pictures the other day and realized that I take the most random pictures.

I’m truly a bit of a weirdo.

And in the spirit of my weird-ness,  I thought I’d share.

Here we have my shoes.  I am not entirely certain why I took a picture of my fake chucks. Maybe I was proud that I only paid $3.00 for them at value village?


Here we have my view of the pick up line at the kids’ school.  These people are full on morons.  The Taurus and I are parked in the pick up line…with our cars running….waiting to pick up our kids and get the heck outta dodge…however, we cannot do that because some people thought it was ok to double park…get out of their vehicles and make everyone else wait till they come back to leave.  I truly have the urge to punch them sometimes.  Instead I take passive-agressive pictures of them and post them on my blog.  It’s a gift.


And sticking with the theme of entitled, stupid people…here I was, waiting in the comcast office to pay my bill because their online bill pay was down..and in walks this guy with his dog.   This is NOT a service dog.  I know because I overheard the teller ask him.  Nope..just his pet.  “She wanted to go with me to pay bills today”   Um, no…she wanted to chase squirrels, sniff butts, eat garbage and chew a rawhide bone…she has absolutely no desire to go with you to pay your cable bill dude.  Trust me.

People, leave your pets at home unless you are going to petsmart or the vet or the dog park.   There are actually people out there who are allergic…really.  It’s inconsiderate.


Here we have my old, non-working porch ornament.  No, wait…that’s a fridge.  A broken fridge. That is still on my porch.  I’m thinking about stringing lights on it and using it for Christmas decor…I’m sure it’ll still be there by then….


Here we have Clayton and his friend “C” at crazy hair night for AWANA.  Those boys were having way too much fun!


And here is sis and her friend “L” on the same night.  I want to do her hair like that every day..but she said no.  *pout*


And for today, I will leave you with this little bit of heavenly goodness….


That right there is the best ice cream on earth.  That is Maggie Moo’s chocolate better batter ice cream with brownies and cherries mixed in.   I can’t stand how good that stuff is.  I want some now.

But my butt can’t stand how fattening it is…and my wallet can’t stand how expensive it is. So it’s a special occasion only treat.

Bummer right?

Anyway…there will be more camera phone pics at a later date.  I have tons left and no where to put why not torture all of you?

Hope you all have a great day..I’m off to have some lunch and do some laundry.  Because my life is full of exciting stuff like that.

I know, you are jealous.   It’s ok…keep trying and one day you too can live a life like mine…..

Fall Fun Sale!



Hey Everybody!

It’s fall!  I love’s my very favorite season!

As some of you know, I recently started my own photography business, Sola Fide Photography.   And since fall is my favorite time of year, and, I think, the perfect time of year to take beautiful family portraits… I have decided to run a fall family portrait special!!

For one day only, this Saturday..October 24th, 2009.  I will be offering  a special portrait session at the Finch Aboretum.  I have a very limited number of sessions available, so be sure to contact me as soon as you can to schedule!

Here is what you get!

Price:  $50.00

Includes: Session fee, two poses.

  • 1- 8×10 print
  • 2-5×7 prints
  • 16 wallets

Other sizes are also available, for Ala Carte pricing, please visit my website Sola Fide Photography

Time slots available for this special:

9:00am-10:00 (still available)

10:20am-11:20 (still available)

11:45am-12:45 (still available)

1:00pm-2:00 ( booked)

2:20pm-3:20  (booked)

3:35pm-4:35 (still available)

Contact me today to reserve your time slot!  (509) 723-9859   and be sure to call if you have any questions or wish to book a session at a later date!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Just ask…


Being a Christian can sometimes be hard.

See, by our very nature, we rely on faith alone.  We believe and hold tight to things that are intangible.  We cannot see Jesus’ face.

We cannot hear His voice audibly tell us that all we believe is truth.  We cannot feel His almighty hands touch our shoulders and tell us that all will be well oneday.

All we can do it believe.

All we can do is have faith.

All we can do is ask Him to help us make it from day to day.

And often times, we feel like the very one we cling to for assurance is distant.

(Yes, we know better..but it does sometimes feel that way.)

Sometimes we feel all but abandoned in this maze we call life.

Being a Christian father and husband has to be the toughest job there is.

As the father and husband, it falls on the man’s shoulders to provide for and be responsible for the spiritual well-being of his wife and children.

Lately, this has really been weighing heavy on my darling husband.

Over labor day weekend, Brian and I talked in depth about our faith and how we really felt we needed to make God the center of our family.

We need to spend more time in the Word.

We need to spend more time in prayer.

As a family.

These are activities we tend to do on our our own time.

And sadly, most of the time our children don’t even open their bibles until Sunday morning.

And it’s not something we want for them.

Because we KNOW that they will need the Lord to carry them through some tough times in their lives.

And Brian, as their earthly father, wants to lead by example.

We discussed the myriad of ways to do this, and one thing that came up in our conversation was Brian’s need for direction in this area.

I can sympathize with his plight.  How do you spiritually lead your children down the right path when you are a “baby” in your faith as well?

It is a heavy load to carry, I assure you.   I do not envy my husband’s role.

We went to church today with little expectation that we would hear a very loud and clear answer to a prayer we didn’t even realize we had prayed.

We arrived, sang, and sat for the announcements.

And then Corey said something that nearly knocked me out of my chair.  His wife had asked him to pre-screen some books for the upcoming mom’s group to study.  And Corey had read them and, to make a long story short, had realized that the best book of the group was something that DAD’S needed to read.

He felt compelled to start a dad’s group.  To help father’s learn to spiritually lead their children.  To show them how to teach them.

It was wonderful!  But there is always that pesky problem of Brian’s schedule.  Working nights makes it hard for Brian to attend much of the programs the church offers.

Then Corey announced that this group for dad’s will meet at 6am….did you catch that?  6am!!!   Brian will be able to go straight from work to church and attend dad’s group!!!

I am convinced my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t breathe.  I glanced at Brian and saw the same look I was sure I was making right back at him.

In an instant, the words “Ask and ye shall receive” flashed into my head.

It melted my heart.

I knew, right then, that God had heard our plea…even if we hadn’t directly asked…and had answered in a big way.

We hadn’t even really asked I suppose…but I know that God was listening anyway.

And for me, seeing my husband rest in the knowledge that eventhough his load is heavy and his responsibility great, God will be there to help carry that load…it was just amazing.

After we got home from church, I felt compelled to look up those words that had flashed through my head.

I knew that our Pastor had instructed us to start reading Luke tonight..but I had to find that scripture….I had to share it with Brian.

So I went online (to…it’s awesome for looking up random scripture) and typed in the words I had very clearly heard in my head this morning.

I found them.

And where I found them, yet again took my breath away….

Luke 11:9-10 (New International Version)

9“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Guess I’ll be reading Luke after all.

All you have to do is ask……

The “H” family takes a holiday..


Well, not technically a holiday.

And you can pick yourself up off the ground now.  I know it’s been forever since I posted here. Stop being overly dramatic.

I’ve been busy.

Life and kids and stuff.

You know the drill.


Today when we got up, I decided that the LAST thing I wanted to do was stay cooped up in the house for yet another day.

I needed to get out.

I needed to step away from the internet.

I needed to interact with my kids and my hubby.

So we decided to make a day of it!

We couldn’t really think of anything specific to do, so we decided to go somewhere we never venture…downtown.

I have to tell you, it is fun to walk around like a tourist in your own town.  Look at things with fresh eyes and really see your city.

We ended up going to River front park.  We’ve been there before, but it’s always fun to go again.

And it had been a while.

We started our day with a walk down to visit Uncle Jimmy at his pawn shop.  It’s always nice to see his smiling face and there are always a few things we can find at the shop to drool over.

Clayton found a camera.

And folks…I almost cried..

it’s a NIKON.

I have taught him well.

It’s that fancy little coolpix with the touch screen LCD display.

Pure awesomeness…for a point and shoot.

I’d totally own it.

I think he might just get it for Christmas this year.

It’d be much better if Clay was behind the camera…you will understand why in a minute.

So, anyway, after we visited with Jimmy we headed down the street to our lunch destination.  Brian and I knew where we were going, but we decided to keep the kids guessing..

The walk was fun though. I played paparazzi..


“Um, excuse pictures please!”

Reason 1 that clayton should not be in front of the camera…he always blocks the shot.

I did manage to get a pic of the family walking…minus the “super star” who can’t be photographed…


Cool huh?

So..we get to the restaurant and the kids were in awe.

Now, this will tell you how often we go out to eat at a place that doesn’t have a drive through..

We were at olive garden.  And the kids were incredibly excited.

M’Kayla said “wow mom, this place is fancy!”  As we waited in the lobby for our seat:


I thought it was sad that a few benches and some ginormous planters in a hallway constitute “fancy” to her..poor kid!

I just said “It’s really not all that come sit over here at this little table so I can take your picture again.”

So she did…still not buying that the place wasn’t fancy and that there wasn’t some grand special occasion at hand.

See the skepticism?


Clayton wasn’t buying that Brian and I weren’t up to something either.

He wanted to know what the special occasion was.

So he got my attention the only way he knows how:


It only would have been better if he had yelled “TOASTY!” when he did it.

(If you can name the source of that…you get a cookie!)

Anyway, after I smacked the teenager for ruining my shot..He started quizzing me while rubbing his head…

Clay: “Mom, why ARE we here?  What’s the OCCASION?”

Me: “There is no “occasion”… I just wanted to do something fun and nice today.”

Clay:  “I’m not buying it… are you guys *GASP* having another baby?!?!”

(a look of horror was on his face…I wish I’d have had the presence of mind to take a picture of it.)


Clay: ” *Phew!* Good…so what is it?  OMG! Did you and dad arrange a marriage for me????!!!!”

At this point I simply could not respond. I could also not breathe. I was laughing too hard.

This kid is a riot sometimes.

I mean, where does his mind come up with these things??? Arranged marriage??

Goofy kid.

I finally caught my breath and explained, yet again, that there was no hidden agenda. I just wanted to have a nice lunch with my family.  And that was when our buzzer went off to tell us our table was ready.

Saved by the buzzer!

So, we went in and got settled and got our drinks and decided what we wanted for lunch.

I wanted a calamari appetizer…so I got one.

The kids wanted to try it too…But they also wanted to know what it was.

I told them I’d tell them as soon as they tried it.

I’m mean like that.

Rick wasn’t too sure:


But he was a champ and tried it..and LOVED it.

So we spent the next few minutes with the kids trying to guess what it was.

Rick guessed Shrimp

Clay guessed scallops

M’Kayla guessed octapuss.

Close enough!  I decided that since they had eaten half of the appetizer, it was time to tell them what it was.

So I did.

And they didn’t flinch.

I love my kids.  They will eat/try anything.

So, we ordered our lunch and the salad and breadsticks arrived.

My favorite part!




Clayton approves:


Rick discovered that if you put your fist above a breadstick, it makes a lowercase “i”

I love that kid:


Before we knew it, our lunches had arrived.  Brian and I had the soup/salad/& breadsticks.

I ate his breadsticks.  I have no will power.

I also had yummy soup:



Anyone care to guess what M’Kayla had????



That girl is a pasta eating machine!

We all had a fantastic lunch, the food was good and it was so nice to spend some time with “just us”.

Clayton kept me in stitches. Every time I’d try to take his picture, he’d make a goofy face. (reason 2 for him to shoot..and not be shot)


I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hack his facebook and myspace accounts and post this as his profile pic on all of them…awesome!

And then I did something I NEVER do.

I handed Brian the camera and told him to take some pics of me and Clay.

Warning…fat chick pics ahead!


I am so sorry to have to subject you to this….


Not only am I fat, I obviously beat my children.  No wonder people are seldom surprised to see me in Wal-mart.

Consequently, after seeing these images, that plate in front of me?




I’m going on a strictly liquid diet.

or maybe an air diet.

Anything to get less gross.


Anyway, enough of my self depreciation, back to our day out!

We finished up our lunch and tipped our fantastic waiter and headed across the street to the park.

Of course, the first stop was the carousel!



I wish I had pics of the boys on the carousel,but they decided to sit on a bench instead of a horse, so I couldn’t take any shots of them.

I suspect they did it on purpose.

After the carousel ride was over, we walked around the park and took in the sights:





Then we went to check out the rides and the IMAX movie.

Rick was bummed because we didn’t have time to watch a movie, but they are having a special on Friday, so I promised to take him then.

He was skeptical..skepticism runs in the family I guess…


So I made it up to him by taking them all for a shaved ice:


Clayton approves again:


And Rick is no longer skeptical:


He is, however, quizzical.  He was trying to figure out how they shaved the ice.

I swear his brain never stops working….ever.

After the shaved ice, it was time to go.  We had a great time.  I had a blast talking to my kids and my husband.

I think we really needed the day to reconnect.  It seems we are all going in fifty different directions lately and it was nice to just spend time with each other.

And as a bonus…I got this:

dayout28 copy

she is too pretty. Just too pretty.  I’m jealous.

Of course, I also got this:


That image made the whole day and the expensive lunch all worth it.  I am CERTAIN this pic will pop up in random places for years to come.

But that’s what he gets for suggesting I might be pregnant.  The poop.


There is my epic-catch-up-post.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long.

I’ll try to come back more often.

Until next time………….

A few shots from the wedding


Again,  My apologies for not keeping up on my blog.

It just seems like I get busier and busier every day.

I shot my first wedding on July 11th.  The ceremony was beautiful!  It was heald in a field at the Bride’s parents was very rustic and country and right up my alley!!!

I honestly could not have asked for a better first wedding to shoot.

I really want to thank Danielle and Christian for allowing me the opportunity!

There were a few ups and downs for me (losing two memory cards…that were full of pics just to mention one…but we found them!) but overall I learned a ton and am pretty satisfied with most of the shots.

So, without further are a couple of shots:





Long time no blog


I know, I know.

I have not been even close to a good blogger lately.

Believe me when I say it isn’t for lack of trying…I have at least 7 posts in my pending folder.

I just have not had the time, or the words, to finish them and post them.

Partly because I have been busy, and partly because of Farm Town on Facebook.

Sorry…I just love those little crops.

Farm Town is to me what Dungeons and Dragons is to 40 year old virgins who live in their mother’s basements.

Anyway…I finally found my way back to my blog and now for some updating!

School is out for summer, and while I love the “sleeping in” part of it (when I get to..Rick still thinks if he’s up I should be) I am already a tad weary of the constant sibling fighting.

I swear I am going to cancel the cable if they fight over one more program.

Anyway, we have a lot of camping planned for the summer…we will be going to Montana the week of the 4th of july.  I can’t wait…nothing says “American” to me better than fireworks in Montana.

It’s nice to have the camper and the boat (now that it’s running right).  I know they aren’t fancy, but they are ours and they facilitate family time and that is all that matters!

I’ve been really trying to find contentment in what God has blessed me with. It is often a struggle for me.  I don’t know why I feel the need to keep “moving up”…I already have so much!  It’s pretty silly actually. So I am trying to police that little voice that tells me I’m not good enough unless I have more and better than the next guy.

Because in God’s eyes, I AM good enough…and He is the only one who matters.

Anywhoo…back to the updates.

Clayton is officially a freshman in high school.



Where did that come from?!?!

Yep…that’s right.

He brought home his schedule for next year and I nearly cried.

Time seems to have flown with that kid.

I so wish I had paid more attention to him when he was little…I sure miss the little Clayton.

But the big one isn’t too bad either:


He is thinking about joining the Air Force or the Navy…and I couldn’t be more proud of that decision.

Or more weirded out by his facial hair.

I just cannot believe he will be in high school next year.

Somebody hold me!

M’Kayla (speaking of kids growing up too fast) will be a 4th grader next year.

Do you hear me people? 4th grade!

She is such a funny, bossy, ambitous, loving, loud, beautiful girl.

Even though I sometimes want to wring her neck (like when she rolls her eyes and says “WHATEVER!” and stomps off) I am terribly proud of her.

She, of course, got straight “A’s” on her report card and is reading at a level 40+.  She is a smartie…and I so hope she continues to excell in her studies.

And in wearing funky hats:

funky hat

She has also taken a liking to doing dishes…I have always known she was my favorite child. (KIDDING)


She says she wants to do the dishes every day.  Oh my how I love this child!

Speaking of children I love…Rick is officially a 1st grader.


My baby in first grade!

He did awesome in school this year.

far and beyond above level in every subject.

Reading at a level 20+

To say we are proud is an understatement.

He is currently riding a bike without training wheels.

Well, most of the time. He has taken a few spills but he is determined!


I just can’t believe how quickly this school year has gone by.


As for Brian and I, well..we are fat and sassy as usual..but hopefully not for long.

Brian had a little bout with some high blood pressure and so we are currently on the south beach diet.

Well..he is.

I am failing miserably.

I have discovered that I have food issues.

(imaging that!)

I’m really trying to work through them…so prayer would be appreciated.

I truly understand the feeling when people say they feel trapped in their bodies.

I wish I could just not eat..that would solve it.

Kind of like when I quit smoking..I just quit doing it!

Unfortunately, I have to eat.

So I struggle.

But in my struggle I have discovered that I like Hummus.

And that my kids adore grilled asparagus.

So there are some up sides to it.

I just wish I had someone who would make my meals, portion them out and serve them to me….that would help a ton.

Oh, and closing every fast food establishment within 100 miles would help too.

And have you noticed that nearly EVERYTHING has carbs in it???!!!

The first two weeks of this diet is “no carbs”

yeah right.

I wouldn’t be surprised if water had carbs in it.

Can’t even have a stinkin’ banana!!!

Oh well…if it gets me healthy and helps my hubby…I’m all for it.

I will continue with my struggle.

And maybe seek counseling.

I just don’t understand the need to constantly sabotage myself.

Like last night..took the dogs for a nice, brisk walk.

Then I came home and made a pan of brownies and ate three.


Makes no sense.  None at all.

Oh well..this is my battle and I must continue to fight it.

For now, I must go pay my cell bill.

And my phone bill.

And Clayton’s braces bill.

And I am sure there are other bills I am forgetting.

And I must go to Costco and exchange sis’s bathing suit.

Speaking of bathing suits…

I miss Hawaii.


No promises…but I will try to post more often.

Right now I must tend my cartoon crops.

Until next time!

Our trip to Hawaii!


* I just want to start this post with a note about our saddened hearts. While we were in Hawaii, we recieved word that a dear friend of ours, Art Harper, was killed in a tragic accident while working on his tractor.  We were unfortunately unable to attend his funeral, but we will be forever saddened by his death and will always miss him.  We are so sad to know that we will never again see that floppy cowboy hat, that was so dirty the dirt was holding it together, riding on a tractor in a field surrounded by dust.  We will miss you Art.

So, as most of you know, Brian and I took a trip to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary this year.

It was amazing.

And I am convinced that I have the best husband in the world.

No, really…he is.

I bet he’d give me a kidney..that’s how awesome he is.

As it is, he gave me the most awesome gift for Mother’s day/our anniversary/any other occasion for the next few years LOL!

The night before we left, we were leaving to drop the kids off and Brian said “hang on, I forgot something, I’ll be right back.”  and ran into the house.

No biggie…he’s always forgetting his phone.

So he came back out to the van and off we went to drop off the kids.

When we got home, there was a little gift box and a card on the table for me!


I know, right?

So I opened it and read the card…sweetest card ever!

And the gift was a nice…COTTON…nightgown from lane giant! YAY!

I love cotton…I hate silky, slinky lingere.  He knows me so well!

So I thanked him and proceeded to lament about how I had not bought him anything and that I felt like a turd for not getting him even a card.

He said “Don’t worry about it…why don’t you go try on the nightie? Make sure it fits.”

So I headed into the bedroom to try it on and lying there, on my bed…spread out in all it’s glory was a shiny…new…black…



NIKON D80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND A KICK BUTT LENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I nearly fainted.


It was completely unexpected.

I had NO idea he had gotten it for me.

I also had no idea that his whole family was in on it.

Oh, and that my buddie in GA, Jaime, was the “J” he’d been texting for weeks.

They were incahoots about the camera.

And she didn’t even give me a clue.

The booger.


But I’m glad she didn’t..because the surprise was AWESOME.




So anyway, I carefully packed up my new nightie and my new camera and we headed to the airport.

Can I just say that there are some interesting people in airports late at night?

So we got to the airport and got checked in:


It was late…and quiet. And that lends itself to some silly behavior:


So we got on our little plane and flew into Seattle…then we got to get on a big plane:


And it was off into the sky, and over the ocean.  It was really pretty cool. (at least until the return flight…UGH!)


Pretty soon, we were coming in for a landing.  It was soo awesome to see the islands from that point of view!


And before we knew it..we were on the ground in HAWAII!

It was awesome!  We got our leis at the airport and hopped on the shuttle to our hotel.

The hotel that was six blocks from Waikiki beach!


The view from our room was really cool. Waikiki is a bustling city..who knew?!


So, after we got all settled in, we decided to put on our swimming suits and head down to the beach.

Wow…that is all I can say.  The colors are amazing. And folks, I have not done any editing on these pics.  These are all SOOC and have not been enhanced at all.  The water really is that blue.  And warm…and salty.  It was quite an experience!


I am pretty sure we spent the entire first day at the beach. Brian even rented a surf board and went out into the ocean to “catch a wave”.  He didn’t..but he now has a healthy respect for surfers. All of that paddling is hard work!  I didn’t go out very far. I have a healthy respect for sharks…..

And speaking of sharks, we decided the next day to take a tour of the aquarium!  It was really pretty cool, and we got to see a lot of different sea creatures.  I even touched a sea urchin!

It was incredibly cool, and I can’t wait to share all of the pics with all of you. But for now, consider this one “to be continued” as it is time for me to go pick up the urchins from school……….

An update.


I have been being harassed.

People want me to update my blog.

So I will give it a go.

I know I have not been the best blogger lately.

And I am so sorry for that.

I’m certain that my lack of blogging has left a void in your lives that can never be filled and for that, I apologize.

But I’ve been busy people.

Busy I say!

I’ve had to work…a lot.

There have been people out at work and I have been covering for them.

More work for me = nice, fat paycheck.

Yay me!

And aside from that…I’ve been reading.

My niece kept insisting that I needed to…had to…would die unless I read the Twilight series.

So I did.

All of them.

Within two weeks.

That is four novels people.

That takes time and dedication…and an understanding hubby.

But I am done now.

I have escaped the vortex that is Twilight.

So now..I update.

  • My husband has discovered texting.  Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who’s cell number he has. They will tell you.  It’s amazing.  The teenager barely texted more than his dad last month.  *buzzzz*  There he is now…brb.
  • Winter seems to have left the inland northwest. But I’m cautiously optimistic….I’m waiting for the other snowflake to fall.  Today has been nice though…80’s!!!! YAY!
  • Which brings me to the nicer weather that I will be savoring soon when Brian and I go on our trip to Hawaii.   Yep…you read it right. Brian is taking me to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary.  (whoa…TEN years?!?)  *buzzzzz*  Scuse me…Brian again.    I still can’t believe I will get to spend a whole week in Hawaii.  And I will be sure to bore you with every detail and every picture!
  • I finally got to see the church directory, the one I helped photograph the families for.  I must say, my maiden voyage in the world of hired photographer turned out pretty good!  There are a couple of shots I’d love to do over….but the rest I am very proud of!
  • Speaking of photography….I have two weddings booked…and I haven’t even advertised yet!  I’m nervous…and scared…and terrified. But they are both on July 11th…so I have time.  (which reminds me mom…you need to come visit the week of your birthday so you can babysit *wink* )
  • The kids are doing well.   Clayton is running track again this year. And Rick just finished wrestling and now he and M’Kayla are playing soccer. They love it…I love it….I think next year we might go with a more organized organization.  It does make for some busy days and it also officially makes me a soccer mom…but I refuse to acknowledge the title..thankyouverymuch.
  • *Buzzzzz*…..Grrrrr.
  • Awana is almost over for the year.  (THANK GOODNESS!!!)  Rick finished his book and is almost done with the review…and sis is nearly done with her book too!  My kids rock at the verse memorization.

That is truly about all I can think of now.  My brain is mush at the moment and it is far too nice outside to be stuck in here.

I need a laptop so I can keep in touch with my blog better.

Anyone wanna give me one????




Until next time…I’m off to the park!