Sometimes I miss these things…


Every now and then I will be reading things here on the world wide web that jog a memory for me.

Then I tend to be melancholy for a while.

Today, I was catching up on the blog of my bestest- friend- in- the- whole- world- who- I- have- never- met- in- real- life- but- am- convinced- was- separated- from- me- at- birth- and- is- really- my- twin- sistah- Jaime.  (Here is her blog…go read it..she is awesome)

And I was looking at a layout she has recently done about her girls giggling all night when they were camping, and it made me a little sad.

So I have been thinking about things I miss.

It is funny how we move from season to season in our lives and the things that used to seem so important, so ingrained in us, seem to slip away.

They are replaced with other important things or are often put aside in the interest of growing up.

I miss:

  • Slumber parties with my best friend when we would call in requests to Magic 95 in lawton and flirt with the DJ’s.
  • Walking down the streets at night in the summer, barefoot.
  • Laying around on Saturday mornings watching cartoons, and not doing anything else.
  • Telephone calls from my Grandma.  Just to ask how I am doing.
  • Galloping full speed across an open field under the hot Texas sun, with no thought of what might happen should I fall.
  • Parking on a back country road to “make out”, knowing there was no expectation that it would go any further than a few kisses.
  • Spending the holidays with my family…all of us together and loving each other despite our differences.
  • Collecting garbage pail kids.
  • Hauling to Play-days and spending the entire weekend with my horse friends.
  • Harvesting my back yard garden. And watching my kids get excited to eat our harvest.
  • Spending my summer days in the pool at the NCO club.
  • Riding my dirt bike and it being ok that I had a “boys” bike.
  • Taking Hoover for walks.
  • Playing barbies for daaaaaaays.
  • Laying on my bed, listening to music and reading teen magazine.
  • Fitting into a size 12 and thinking that I was fat.  ( I wish me then could see me now!)
  • My Circle Y, connie combs barrel racer.
  • The smell of the school barn after I put new shavings in all of the stalls.
  • Hanging at the mall and buying silly, neon colored earrings at Claire’s (yes..they had Claire’s then)
  • My 1979 Ford F-150 that Mike gave me.
  • The smell of the sheets on the beds at my Grandma’s house…they smelled like laundry soap and love.
  • Spending hours working on scrapbook pages.
  • Simon licking my chin when I was trying to do my homework.
  • The arena at Jack Stucky’s barn and riding across the creek.

And there are so, so many more…it would take hours to list them all!

I know that every season in my life will bring me things I love and that someday I will miss.

I know this list will change.

And maybe tomorrow I will stop for a minute and just take in everything around me, to firmly plant in my memory this moment in my life as it is…right now.

Because I know that someday I am going to miss tomorrow too.

What is on your list?

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  1. Love your blog, Christi! I just got caught up on your last few posts. In case I haven’t said it, I really think you’re a gifted writer. Humorous, poignant, real…
    I love this post. I’m always trying to remind myself not to take anything for granted… try to enjoy the moment… because all too soon, these days will be gone and I’ll miss them. It’s hard, when I’m tired, when I’m up with Emerie and her snotty nose… again… but when I can get past the fact that I’m losin’ sleep, I try to find that peaceful place where I can hold her, smell her, hear her breathe, and just enjoy being with her. I won’t be able to hold her like that forever….
    Ugh… I’m rambling… guess I ought to make my own blog and quit taking up space on yours!
    Love you!

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