Happy Friday, Happy Birthday.


You read it right.  It’s my birthday.

I have spent my life being overshadowed by the king of rock and roll.

I just love sharing my birthday with Elvis-the-pelvis-Presley….it makes me feel so…so….overshadowed.

And it makes me want to wiggle my hips and say “uh-huh” to everyone who wishes me a happy birthday.

It’s awesome.

So, you may be asking what I plan to do on this wonderful day where I am forced to recognize that I am now firmly planted in my 30’s and that there is no going back to the days of my youth no matter how many cool phrases I can say or how much I shop at torrid….

Well, I am going to party it up yo!

Actually..I am dragging my fat arse to the gym with my husband…it’s his birthday gift to me…a gym membership.

And before you stone him…I asked him for that.

I was jealous that he was going to the gym and getting all skinny-fied.

So we are going to the gym to work out..then to a lunch at sushi.com and then I’m off to work and back to the grind.

What ever happened to parties with balloons and candles and gifts?

Oh right…I stopped celebrating birthdays when I found my first gray hair and wrinkle.

So, in honor of my birthday…the fact that I obviously have no shame about my tremendous girth…and because it sort of ties into the whole elvis thing….here is the photo of the week:

I found my long-lost twin in vegas.

I also found that I am enormous.

Which is why my husband (the best one EVAH) gave me a gym membership for my birthday.

Hope everyone has a great day…I’m going to go pluck grey hairs now….

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