Tis the season!


Newsflash:  Christmas is coming!

I know right?! It snuck up on me too!

You would think that wouldn’t happen considering Christmas arrives on the same. day. every. year.

But still…Christmas is a sneaky holiday and that will remain my position on this matter.


But just like every year when I put off my shopping until the last few minutes, I have stumbled upon some super cute things and I wanted to share them all with you incase, like me, you have put off your shopping until the last minute and have run out of ideas when it comes to getting something for that cousin you only speak to once a year….

So, here are some examples of the awesomeness I have stumbled on lately!

It is no secret I like to use aprons.  So what. I know it makes me look like a cross between Roseanne Barr and Donna Reed, but I’m ok with that.  No you may not stare. (though I will tolerate pointing and laughing)

And if you are into aprons like I am..this one from Anthropoligie will likely tickle your fancy so hard it won’t stop laughing for a week:

Isn’t it cuuuuuuute???!!!  I only need to lose a bazillion pounds to make it look cute on me!  Yay!

I’m also loving this hipster bag by Vera Bradley

Only, maybe not in orange….

Now..if you like gadgets, I think this little do-dad is pretty nifty ( do people still say “do-dad” and “nifty” ? )

it’s called the Flip Video:

How cool is that?  A video camera that fits in your pocket and plugs right into your computer!  I want one!

I am also loving this bedding from Pottery Barn

Is that not the most adorable, country bedding you have ever seen?! *SQUEEEEEEEEE!*  too stinkin’ cute if you ask me!  Makes me wanna wear an apron….

I also wanna wear this bracelet:

This bracelet is from an organization called The Starfish Project.  It is an organization that rescues women in Asia who have lived lives of prostitution.  It is an awesome organization, and if you are needing a special gift for a lady in your life…get her one of these, you will be giving a wonderful gift to a lady on the other side of the world.

Now, if you are fat like me, you may be looking for something to spend your money on in yet another failed attempt to wear something in a size that doesn’t require creative folding techniques to get it onto a standard hanger….if that is the case, this is where my hard earned dollars will go this year:

What’s that you say?  I don’t have a wii?  Well, you are correct.  Drat.  And I was so looking forward to Jillian screaming at me telling me that I’m a fat, lazy failure while also counseling me on my daddy issues…..bummer.

If, like me, you are severely behind the times and did not run out and spend a week’s salary on the wii when it first came out so your kids wouldn’t feel left out at school…you may want to check out the fact that the wii has been drastically reduced in price.  Go get one so Jillian can yell at you…I will as soon as…well…I’m saving up for it.

And today I will leave you with these little cuties… I was hanging out over at dooce.com, (who would totally be my bff if I knew her in real life.) And I saw these:


Especially that one about being in my personal space…I am so not a space bubble sharing person.  It makes me uncomfortable and I generally can be counted on to have bad breath…so back off mmmmmmkay?  (yes, I brush..but I also like garlic. what of it?)

Anyway, you can find those adorable little cards right here

And I hope I have helped a bit in your last minute gift finding…and I truly hope your once-a-year-spoken-to-cousin enjoys!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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