My grown up Christmas list.


Well hello there my friends!

I have once again neglected my blog.  I’m getting pretty good at it. wouldn’t you agree?

The best part about that is that no one will read this post so I can indulge myself with my selfish wants without fear of scolding and scoffing from the general public.



We are all too swiftly approaching the Christmas season.

If you at all doubt me…go to Wal-Mart.

Not only will you be exposed to some veeeery interesting people (they even have their own website…) you will see that it is clearly the Christmas season.

There are a multitude of artificial trees in every color of the rainbow to put up in every room of your home and more wrapping paper than you can shake a stick at…if you are into stick shaking that is.

Yes, it is that jolly season when we all try to out spend the rich relatives and are forced to eat ramen for the next four months just so we can avoid foreclosure and repossession of our automobiles.

Isn’t Chrismas AWESOME???

So, in order to assist everyone in picking the perfect gift for me. (because I just KNOW you are all dying to get me a gift!) I have compiled my yearly list of “Things I would buy for myself if I didn’t have to feed my kids”

Shall we get started?  YES WE SHALL!!!

(please keep in mind that these are in no particular order…I love and want them all equally)

1.  Kelly Clarkson’s new CD

No, you may not comment on my taste in music…thankyouverymuch.

2. Casting Crowns new CD

They just generally kick butt.  I love them.

3. If I were rating in order of importance..this would be my number one..

And yes, I know that there is a CS4 now..and I’m open to that one too.  Honestly..this is almost a need for my business.

4. This camera strap:

Or pretty much any of the ones this seller has in her etsy shop…love them!

5.  This T-shirt from Torrid:

I am such a gleek.  Yep I am!! (If you don’t know what Glee is…go here: Glee

6. Pretty much anything from here:

I just love so many things from Torrid!  Some of it is way too young for me..but a lot of it isn’t!  (That’s where I found the Glee shirt)

7. Pretty much anything from Bath and Body works.  I just love all of it!

8. TWO of these:

Not the dog…the CRATE.  That way I can put sweet wittle junior and smelly wittle charlie in them when I leave and can avoid coming home to a sofa covered in hair and drool. That would be heavenly!!

9. This dining set…or one like it.

10. This lens…drool….

(just for the record…this sucker runs around $800.00-$900.00…ouch.)

So..there is my list to date.  I will be watching for santa to deliver each of these gifts…as soon as he wins the lottery.

But while I wait for Santa to strike it rich, it would be interesting to compare notes…

What are the top 10 on your grown up Christmas list?

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