Mobile pics


I have a pretty cool phone.

It’s not an iphone (would NEVER spend that sort of money, or leave my beloved verizon)

It’s not a blackberry.

It’s not fancy at all actually.

But it’s mine.

And it has a full keyboard, which makes me a texting pro. Because I cannot, for the life of me, text efficiently without a full keyboard.

It’s sad, I am aware.

You may not laugh…all of you freaks who can type with numbers on a regular phone.


Anyway…my phone also has a camera.

And if you know me…you know I love cameras.

I love having a camera with me at all times.

Even if it is a measly three megapixel camera that can’t take a good picture, no matter how much I beg it to.

I also got a really big memory card for my phone.  I had the option for a blue tooth..but noooooooo…I got a bigger memory card.

That is so me.

Anyway again…

I was looking through my pictures the other day and realized that I take the most random pictures.

I’m truly a bit of a weirdo.

And in the spirit of my weird-ness,  I thought I’d share.

Here we have my shoes.  I am not entirely certain why I took a picture of my fake chucks. Maybe I was proud that I only paid $3.00 for them at value village?


Here we have my view of the pick up line at the kids’ school.  These people are full on morons.  The Taurus and I are parked in the pick up line…with our cars running….waiting to pick up our kids and get the heck outta dodge…however, we cannot do that because some people thought it was ok to double park…get out of their vehicles and make everyone else wait till they come back to leave.  I truly have the urge to punch them sometimes.  Instead I take passive-agressive pictures of them and post them on my blog.  It’s a gift.


And sticking with the theme of entitled, stupid people…here I was, waiting in the comcast office to pay my bill because their online bill pay was down..and in walks this guy with his dog.   This is NOT a service dog.  I know because I overheard the teller ask him.  Nope..just his pet.  “She wanted to go with me to pay bills today”   Um, no…she wanted to chase squirrels, sniff butts, eat garbage and chew a rawhide bone…she has absolutely no desire to go with you to pay your cable bill dude.  Trust me.

People, leave your pets at home unless you are going to petsmart or the vet or the dog park.   There are actually people out there who are allergic…really.  It’s inconsiderate.


Here we have my old, non-working porch ornament.  No, wait…that’s a fridge.  A broken fridge. That is still on my porch.  I’m thinking about stringing lights on it and using it for Christmas decor…I’m sure it’ll still be there by then….


Here we have Clayton and his friend “C” at crazy hair night for AWANA.  Those boys were having way too much fun!


And here is sis and her friend “L” on the same night.  I want to do her hair like that every day..but she said no.  *pout*


And for today, I will leave you with this little bit of heavenly goodness….


That right there is the best ice cream on earth.  That is Maggie Moo’s chocolate better batter ice cream with brownies and cherries mixed in.   I can’t stand how good that stuff is.  I want some now.

But my butt can’t stand how fattening it is…and my wallet can’t stand how expensive it is. So it’s a special occasion only treat.

Bummer right?

Anyway…there will be more camera phone pics at a later date.  I have tons left and no where to put why not torture all of you?

Hope you all have a great day..I’m off to have some lunch and do some laundry.  Because my life is full of exciting stuff like that.

I know, you are jealous.   It’s ok…keep trying and one day you too can live a life like mine…..


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