Long time no blog


I know, I know.

I have not been even close to a good blogger lately.

Believe me when I say it isn’t for lack of trying…I have at least 7 posts in my pending folder.

I just have not had the time, or the words, to finish them and post them.

Partly because I have been busy, and partly because of Farm Town on Facebook.

Sorry…I just love those little crops.

Farm Town is to me what Dungeons and Dragons is to 40 year old virgins who live in their mother’s basements.

Anyway…I finally found my way back to my blog and now for some updating!

School is out for summer, and while I love the “sleeping in” part of it (when I get to..Rick still thinks if he’s up I should be) I am already a tad weary of the constant sibling fighting.

I swear I am going to cancel the cable if they fight over one more program.

Anyway, we have a lot of camping planned for the summer…we will be going to Montana the week of the 4th of july.  I can’t wait…nothing says “American” to me better than fireworks in Montana.

It’s nice to have the camper and the boat (now that it’s running right).  I know they aren’t fancy, but they are ours and they facilitate family time and that is all that matters!

I’ve been really trying to find contentment in what God has blessed me with. It is often a struggle for me.  I don’t know why I feel the need to keep “moving up”…I already have so much!  It’s pretty silly actually. So I am trying to police that little voice that tells me I’m not good enough unless I have more and better than the next guy.

Because in God’s eyes, I AM good enough…and He is the only one who matters.

Anywhoo…back to the updates.

Clayton is officially a freshman in high school.



Where did that come from?!?!

Yep…that’s right.

He brought home his schedule for next year and I nearly cried.

Time seems to have flown with that kid.

I so wish I had paid more attention to him when he was little…I sure miss the little Clayton.

But the big one isn’t too bad either:


He is thinking about joining the Air Force or the Navy…and I couldn’t be more proud of that decision.

Or more weirded out by his facial hair.

I just cannot believe he will be in high school next year.

Somebody hold me!

M’Kayla (speaking of kids growing up too fast) will be a 4th grader next year.

Do you hear me people? 4th grade!

She is such a funny, bossy, ambitous, loving, loud, beautiful girl.

Even though I sometimes want to wring her neck (like when she rolls her eyes and says “WHATEVER!” and stomps off) I am terribly proud of her.

She, of course, got straight “A’s” on her report card and is reading at a level 40+.  She is a smartie…and I so hope she continues to excell in her studies.

And in wearing funky hats:

funky hat

She has also taken a liking to doing dishes…I have always known she was my favorite child. (KIDDING)


She says she wants to do the dishes every day.  Oh my how I love this child!

Speaking of children I love…Rick is officially a 1st grader.


My baby in first grade!

He did awesome in school this year.

far and beyond above level in every subject.

Reading at a level 20+

To say we are proud is an understatement.

He is currently riding a bike without training wheels.

Well, most of the time. He has taken a few spills but he is determined!


I just can’t believe how quickly this school year has gone by.


As for Brian and I, well..we are fat and sassy as usual..but hopefully not for long.

Brian had a little bout with some high blood pressure and so we are currently on the south beach diet.

Well..he is.

I am failing miserably.

I have discovered that I have food issues.

(imaging that!)

I’m really trying to work through them…so prayer would be appreciated.

I truly understand the feeling when people say they feel trapped in their bodies.

I wish I could just not eat..that would solve it.

Kind of like when I quit smoking..I just quit doing it!

Unfortunately, I have to eat.

So I struggle.

But in my struggle I have discovered that I like Hummus.

And that my kids adore grilled asparagus.

So there are some up sides to it.

I just wish I had someone who would make my meals, portion them out and serve them to me….that would help a ton.

Oh, and closing every fast food establishment within 100 miles would help too.

And have you noticed that nearly EVERYTHING has carbs in it???!!!

The first two weeks of this diet is “no carbs”

yeah right.

I wouldn’t be surprised if water had carbs in it.

Can’t even have a stinkin’ banana!!!

Oh well…if it gets me healthy and helps my hubby…I’m all for it.

I will continue with my struggle.

And maybe seek counseling.

I just don’t understand the need to constantly sabotage myself.

Like last night..took the dogs for a nice, brisk walk.

Then I came home and made a pan of brownies and ate three.


Makes no sense.  None at all.

Oh well..this is my battle and I must continue to fight it.

For now, I must go pay my cell bill.

And my phone bill.

And Clayton’s braces bill.

And I am sure there are other bills I am forgetting.

And I must go to Costco and exchange sis’s bathing suit.

Speaking of bathing suits…

I miss Hawaii.


No promises…but I will try to post more often.

Right now I must tend my cartoon crops.

Until next time!


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