Our trip to Hawaii!


* I just want to start this post with a note about our saddened hearts. While we were in Hawaii, we recieved word that a dear friend of ours, Art Harper, was killed in a tragic accident while working on his tractor.  We were unfortunately unable to attend his funeral, but we will be forever saddened by his death and will always miss him.  We are so sad to know that we will never again see that floppy cowboy hat, that was so dirty the dirt was holding it together, riding on a tractor in a field surrounded by dust.  We will miss you Art.

So, as most of you know, Brian and I took a trip to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary this year.

It was amazing.

And I am convinced that I have the best husband in the world.

No, really…he is.

I bet he’d give me a kidney..that’s how awesome he is.

As it is, he gave me the most awesome gift for Mother’s day/our anniversary/any other occasion for the next few years LOL!

The night before we left, we were leaving to drop the kids off and Brian said “hang on, I forgot something, I’ll be right back.”  and ran into the house.

No biggie…he’s always forgetting his phone.

So he came back out to the van and off we went to drop off the kids.

When we got home, there was a little gift box and a card on the table for me!


I know, right?

So I opened it and read the card…sweetest card ever!

And the gift was a nice…COTTON…nightgown from lane giant! YAY!

I love cotton…I hate silky, slinky lingere.  He knows me so well!

So I thanked him and proceeded to lament about how I had not bought him anything and that I felt like a turd for not getting him even a card.

He said “Don’t worry about it…why don’t you go try on the nightie? Make sure it fits.”

So I headed into the bedroom to try it on and lying there, on my bed…spread out in all it’s glory was a shiny…new…black…



NIKON D80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND A KICK BUTT LENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I nearly fainted.


It was completely unexpected.

I had NO idea he had gotten it for me.

I also had no idea that his whole family was in on it.

Oh, and that my buddie in GA, Jaime, was the “J” he’d been texting for weeks.

They were incahoots about the camera.

And she didn’t even give me a clue.

The booger.


But I’m glad she didn’t..because the surprise was AWESOME.




So anyway, I carefully packed up my new nightie and my new camera and we headed to the airport.

Can I just say that there are some interesting people in airports late at night?

So we got to the airport and got checked in:


It was late…and quiet. And that lends itself to some silly behavior:


So we got on our little plane and flew into Seattle…then we got to get on a big plane:


And it was off into the sky, and over the ocean.  It was really pretty cool. (at least until the return flight…UGH!)


Pretty soon, we were coming in for a landing.  It was soo awesome to see the islands from that point of view!


And before we knew it..we were on the ground in HAWAII!

It was awesome!  We got our leis at the airport and hopped on the shuttle to our hotel.

The hotel that was six blocks from Waikiki beach!


The view from our room was really cool. Waikiki is a bustling city..who knew?!


So, after we got all settled in, we decided to put on our swimming suits and head down to the beach.

Wow…that is all I can say.  The colors are amazing. And folks, I have not done any editing on these pics.  These are all SOOC and have not been enhanced at all.  The water really is that blue.  And warm…and salty.  It was quite an experience!


I am pretty sure we spent the entire first day at the beach. Brian even rented a surf board and went out into the ocean to “catch a wave”.  He didn’t..but he now has a healthy respect for surfers. All of that paddling is hard work!  I didn’t go out very far. I have a healthy respect for sharks…..

And speaking of sharks, we decided the next day to take a tour of the aquarium!  It was really pretty cool, and we got to see a lot of different sea creatures.  I even touched a sea urchin!

It was incredibly cool, and I can’t wait to share all of the pics with all of you. But for now, consider this one “to be continued” as it is time for me to go pick up the urchins from school……….

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