An update.


I have been being harassed.

People want me to update my blog.

So I will give it a go.

I know I have not been the best blogger lately.

And I am so sorry for that.

I’m certain that my lack of blogging has left a void in your lives that can never be filled and for that, I apologize.

But I’ve been busy people.

Busy I say!

I’ve had to work…a lot.

There have been people out at work and I have been covering for them.

More work for me = nice, fat paycheck.

Yay me!

And aside from that…I’ve been reading.

My niece kept insisting that I needed to…had to…would die unless I read the Twilight series.

So I did.

All of them.

Within two weeks.

That is four novels people.

That takes time and dedication…and an understanding hubby.

But I am done now.

I have escaped the vortex that is Twilight.

So now..I update.

  • My husband has discovered texting.  Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who’s cell number he has. They will tell you.  It’s amazing.  The teenager barely texted more than his dad last month.  *buzzzz*  There he is now…brb.
  • Winter seems to have left the inland northwest. But I’m cautiously optimistic….I’m waiting for the other snowflake to fall.  Today has been nice though…80’s!!!! YAY!
  • Which brings me to the nicer weather that I will be savoring soon when Brian and I go on our trip to Hawaii.   Yep…you read it right. Brian is taking me to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary.  (whoa…TEN years?!?)  *buzzzzz*  Scuse me…Brian again.    I still can’t believe I will get to spend a whole week in Hawaii.  And I will be sure to bore you with every detail and every picture!
  • I finally got to see the church directory, the one I helped photograph the families for.  I must say, my maiden voyage in the world of hired photographer turned out pretty good!  There are a couple of shots I’d love to do over….but the rest I am very proud of!
  • Speaking of photography….I have two weddings booked…and I haven’t even advertised yet!  I’m nervous…and scared…and terrified. But they are both on July 11th…so I have time.  (which reminds me mom…you need to come visit the week of your birthday so you can babysit *wink* )
  • The kids are doing well.   Clayton is running track again this year. And Rick just finished wrestling and now he and M’Kayla are playing soccer. They love it…I love it….I think next year we might go with a more organized organization.  It does make for some busy days and it also officially makes me a soccer mom…but I refuse to acknowledge the title..thankyouverymuch.
  • *Buzzzzz*…..Grrrrr.
  • Awana is almost over for the year.  (THANK GOODNESS!!!)  Rick finished his book and is almost done with the review…and sis is nearly done with her book too!  My kids rock at the verse memorization.

That is truly about all I can think of now.  My brain is mush at the moment and it is far too nice outside to be stuck in here.

I need a laptop so I can keep in touch with my blog better.

Anyone wanna give me one????




Until next time…I’m off to the park!


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