Rainy days and stuffy noses.


It seems that spring has decided to come in like a lion in the inland northwest.

And it also seems that this cold I have has decided to hold on like a lion..a lion that is holding on for dear life to the arse of a wildebeast.



And holding on.

But I’m fighting it.

Me and captain mucinex.

We are kicking colds butt.

So..I imagine you are looking for updates.

And I have them..yes I do.

I mean, since I last wrote, a new season of American Idol has begun.

And we must discuss what Adam did to poor Ol’ Johnny Cash’s classic..ring of fire.

I imagine, were Johnny still with us..he would have walked up to Adam, said “Hello….I’m Johnny Cash.” and then punched him in the nose.

Adam, honey…you ruined that song.

And boys shouldn’t paint their nails.

Anyway..moving on.

My hubby rocks.

He got me a new toy for an early anniversary present.

And it’s a looong story.

But I’ll tell you anyway.

I thoroughly enjoy boring you to death.


I was browsing Craigslist the other day..because that is what we do here.

Craigslist is the new wal-mart.

Only they sell horses and furniture.

But I digress.

I was browsing and stumbled upon an add for a photography intern.

I thought about responding to see if they were legit..then I got busy.

And when I came back…the ad was gone.


I pouted.

But I moved on.

Then, a few weeks later..after panicking about having booked a wedding shoot…I decided that I should start looking for a back up body.

I have been advised that it is unwise to shoot a wedding with only one camera in tow.

So I got to looking..and I found one.

It’s a Nikon D-70.

Yes…I know it’s only 6.1 mp.


If you know anything about photography…you will understand why I bought it.

Well, Brian bought it.

But that is neither here nor there.

We went up to the place where the camera was to pay for it (screamin deal I must say!)

And it turns out that the folks who were selling it are the same folks that placed the ad  for the intern…and it hadn’t been filled yet!

So I applied.

It will take some time to hear back from them….they have to look over portfolios and such.

And I am certain that there are far better photographers applying.

But I am a little bit excited at the prospect.

The thought of being immersed in the business that I want to be in and be in constant contact with pros…and to be taught the ins and outs of the business as well as being taught photography.

Wow…that would just be awesome.

And the camera?

Well…it is way different than my D60.

I am still reading the manual and playing with it.

But I will learn it.

I’m already really stoked at the images I’m getting.

Wanna see?

Of course you do!!!!

Downtown Spokane in the rain…gloomy and urban. I love it!


So…wish me luck with the internship and with learning how to use my new toy.

And wish Clayton luck with having braces.  The poor kid…he is so sore it isn’t funny.

And wish me luck that I remember to come update this thing a little more often!


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