Just passing through


I keep forgetting to update my blog.

I suspect it may have something to do with my recently accquired addiction to facebook.

Yes, yes…that could be it.


Today you get a “drive by post”

bang bang.

  • I am currently listening to my two little sickies discuss John 3:15 and how it differs from John 3:16.   Hey, at least they are reading their bibles. right?
  • M’Kayla left AWANA last night because she didn’t feel good.  That is when I knew she was sick.
  • Today is the 23rd of February.  HUH??? When did that happen?
  • Last week was just….weird.
  • Ricky will not be going to wrestling practice tonight. No need to expose everyone else to his booger cannon.
  • I had three campfire girls mints for breakfast. And a diet coke. Yay me.
  • The kids have put their bibles away and are now singing the sponge bob theme, complete with coughs and booger bubbles.  Yay me.
  • I need a hair cut.  Badly.
  • I am pretty sure the dogs got into the garbage in the outside bin.  Most days I could live without pets. Really.
  • Rick said three sections at AWANA last night.  Got another jewel. score!
  • My shoulder hurts and I am convinced the pain is from a large tumor. Because I’m all hypochondriac like that.  It’s probably because I slept wrong.
  • I’m wrestling with how I ever thought Pepto Bismol ever tasted good. That stuff is gag-worthy.
  • I am not entirely sad that I am missing work today…I’m not feeling too hunky-dorey either.
  • Hand sanitizer only works if you use it.
  • Rick is asking if we can play pictionary while lying on the couch.
  • There is a bottle of taco sauce sitting by my computer and I cannot explain it’s presence.
  • I am incredibly jealous of Ree. I want to live in the cabin. Mmmk?
  • Charlie is licking my hand while I type…I had to retype the word type 4 times.  He must like the taste of hand sanitizer.
  • Charlie’s hand licking was a mere diversion for his intended purpose. He sat here…licked…farted…and left.  I am now being victimized by the stench but must….keep….typing. GAH!
  • I am wishing we had a third couch so I had somewhere to lay too.
  • I am wondering how long until the teenager is blowing snot everywhere.
  • I may have to smack Gracie’s mom for not keeping her hacking, snot slinging, sick kid home.  She is the cause of this recent bout of sickness in the Chateau de’  Husk.  Thanks Gracie’s mom…tons.
  • I am going to end this madness I call blogging now and go put some clothes on. (daytime clothes you freaks..I don’t blog nekkid.)  Brian’s dad will be here any minute to take Brian to the gym. Where I’d love to go…and sit in the hot tub..and relax.  But for now I must be content to blog, watch sponge bob, and wipe boogies.
  • I hope everyone else is having a MUCH better day.

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