Ricky’s Wrestling


That’s right.

My little boy is going to be wrestling.

And if last night is any indication, well….I’ll just wait and see!

He really struggled, to be honest.

But it was his first night.

I did kind of have to chuckle at the fact that he was, seemingly, afraid to throw the other little boy to the ground.

And then it dawned on me…it goes against every. single.thing. we have ever taught him.

How many times have we said.. “keep your hands to yourself!”


” We don’t hurt other people.”


“Be kind to others.”

I mean, throwing someone to the ground sort of goes against every one of those things doesn’t it?

And to be honest..my baby?

He is sensitive.

(ok, he’s a wuss)

You would think with all of the size and heft this kid has he’d be able to whoop his weight in bears.

But no..he’s a gentle soul really.

Somewhat like his dad.

But still..he tried, and he loved it…and I’m certain he will improve and eventually be tossing people to the ground with wild abandon.

We shall see.

Here he is…lining up according to height:


Now, I can tell you for certain that none of the boys around him are in kindergarten.  In fact, I know for a fact that one of them is a 3rd grader in Rick’s school.  My boy is tall.

In fact, I think the boy he was paired up with is a 3rd grader…at least 2nd.


Here he is listening to the coach:


Hey, I was just impressed that he was actually listening.

And here he is, practicing the moves:


“Ya know coach guy… I have to tell ya, I’m just not incredibly comfortable with him putting his knee there.”


“Ok dude..you’re goin down!”


This is where things got a little rough.  He simply could not figure out this move.  His partner got frustrated, his partner’s dad got frustrated and poor Rick started crying.  I felt bad for him. He was really trying. Poor little guy. But the coach came to his rescue and helped him out. And it was all much better after that.


Now it was his partner’s turn to try to put him on the ground. *snicker* If nothing else, his size will make him hard to pin.

(and boy…my kid needs a haircut!)

Overall, he says he had a great time and can’t wait to go back.

So I will suppress my Mommy desire to come to his rescue and let him wrestle.

And I will suppress my snickers when he finally gets his singlet (they still aren’t in)  and will cheer him on.

And I will gladly go shell out the buckaroos for wrestling shoes and head gear.

And I will cheer him on.

Because that is what mommy’s do.

And I will take a lot of pictures to bore all of you with.

Because that is what I do.

(for the record…gymnasium lighting is AWFUL.)

I am proud of him for going for it.

I simply cannot wait for the first meet!

* and a special thank you to Aunt Amy and Uncle Rob, without whom this blog post would not have been possible.  You guys are awesome!


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