The gift of music.


M’Kayla got her birthday gift from Brian and I today.

We didn’t intend to spend quite so much…but it was worth it.

We decided we’d go visit uncle Jimmy and let her pick one out.

Then I broke a string on it. (to be fair..the strings were bad. But I still felt like a turd.)

So we found a guitar store and got it fixed.

$100.00 later, I got this:


She is happier than a pig in mud.


She has been playing it non-stop since we got home.  And the crazy thing is..she isn’t making “noise” with it..she is making music.

Her music teacher said she had an ear for it.  And I believed her.  But I never thought the turd would be able to just pick up a guitar and make music.

Granted, she is a long way from stairway to heaven, but it’s amazing to me how gifted she is when it comes to music.

Uncle Jimmy said she might be the next Cheryl Crow. M’Kayla said “no, the next american idol.”

At least she has goals right?

(and Jimmy has my D80. It hurts to see it just sitting there. But that’s another post)

Back to M’Kayla and the guitar:


She told me that she loves it.  That she can’t bear to be away from it tonight. (we are going to a friend’s house to play board games tonight)

That she might sleep with it.

And I don’t doubt it.

Then she told me that if you close your eyes, you can envision (yes, she said envision) yourself playing it and you will play better.


And I am certain she was serious.

And I am certain my Uncle Mike is smiling right now.

And I am certain that Joe (race track owner) is going to smile when she tells him she is planning to sing the national anthem at the track this summer.

And I don’t doubt for a single minute that she will try..and probably bring the guitar.

And I say good for her.  God gives us all gifts, I’m just soooooo glad she has realized one of hers in her youth.   She can nuture it and help it grow. Because God has certainly given her the gift of music.



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