Just a few pics and some randomness


I have been really frustrated with myself lately and the pictures I take.

I just cannot seem to get my exposure right.

It’s driving me nuts.

I really, really wish I could go to school and get some training.

But in the meantime, I will just have to be content to be mediocre and try, try again.

Guess I need to look into that “understand exposure” book everyone raves about.

And I need to get gas-X or beano for Charlie.

It’s nearly unbearable in here tonight.

Nasty, rotten labrador.

That can’t be natural.

But since you aren’t into reading me lament about my lab’s odoriforous eminations (thanks Uncle Mike!!), I’ll post the few in focus and relatively well exposed pics that I have taken in the past few months…

yes, I said months.

I told you it was bad.

This is Tim.

I lurve Tim.

He is so giggily

And so bubbily

And soooooooooo not mine so I get to give him cake and play with him and hand him back to his mommy.

It’s awesome.



Here is sis at her party with a few of her friends.  When did nine happen?


And this?  This is my hormone raging, facial hair having, looking more and more like his father every day teenager.

I can’t believe I am looking at him and seeing his 14 year old self.  14 seemed like a lifetime away 14 years ago.

Tim’s mom will feel this way someday.  So to Tim’s mom…enjoy every little giggle and cry, write down everything.  It is truly sad how much we forget about the little things they used to do.


Hopefully I will figure out my exposure and get my groove back soon.

And hopefully, Charlie will stop gassing us all out of the house. (he just did it again.  It’s gag-worthy)

And hopefully the kids will slow down with the growing stuff.

As for me…I’m off to make a list of things I must do tomorrow.

So far my list includes lots of valentine cookie delivering and room-mothering.

As an aside…Rick got his report card today.

All 3’s and 4’s  (at (3) or above (4) grade level) and he’s reading at a level 20 (2nd grade).

I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Well, I could…he could…I dunno, stop doing things like scratching his bum in public. But he IS only 6.k

Until next time!


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