What’s new?


Not much really.

Aside from the fact that I haven’t updated this thing since forever.

Sorry bout that.

I have just been busy.

So, what’s new in the house of Husk you ask?

  • I turned 33.  Ick.
  • Clayton turned 14. WHAT? yes…14. Ick again.
  • M’Kayla turned 9.  And shared with me this  morning that her “boobies itch”.   You know what that means right?  Time to take her shopping for a bra. Guess I know what she’ll be spending her birthday money on LOL!
  • Ricky is…well…Ricky.  And thank goodness..he is still 6.  I can’t handle another birthday.
  • Brian is still working, which is a blessing in this economy.  I am working three part time jobs and have applied for another…keep your fingers crossed for me. It would mean benefits and good pay..like enough to cover our mortgage every month.
  • We are going to be a neilson family again. I love writing down my t.v. viewing preferences.  And besides, it reminds me of that episode of Roseanne when they did the neilson thing. And my goal in life is to live as closely to the roseanne t.v. family as I can.  So far?  Success!  DAAAAANNNN!!!!! COME IN HERE!!!
  • It’s still cold here.  And it is starting to suck.  I am not much of a winter gal anyway, and this winter is taking it’s toll.  Not only on my state of mind, but also on my pocket book.  The lovely monopoly that is avista utilities is raising their rates again.  Yanno..like, right after they “guessed” at my monthly usage last month because they “couldn’t get to my meter to read it”.  Hogwash.  I could get to it just fine. The lazy bums.  Infuriates me.  My bill more than doubled…and it was high to begin with.  The jerks.  Trust me, it’s crossed my mind to shut off my power and live in the camper this winter.  But then I think about how horrible my house smells with charlie’s gas in it along with Brian’s habit of “taking the browns to the super bowl” without spraying air freshener…and well, I just can’t do it.   Avista wins.

Aside from those things, not much is really new here.

Sorry for the boring update.  But at least it’s new reading material.

Till next time!


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