Just a day in the life


I have not been a good blogger.

I know that.

I know that you all sit there, with astute anticipation, waiting for my next blog entry.

I know that I have failed you.

But there is this little thing called life.

And it happens.


And mine?

Well…it’s a tad crazy at times.

most of the time actually.

So, I’ll just bore you with a few little updates.

And I’ll start with showing you what greeted me when I came in the house to get the numbers for the race car for Brian.

See…tomorrow night is the Gran Prix at AWANA.  And we are taking the race car.  Brian says it’s for the kids.

I think it’s just an excuse to put an engine in his late model and get it out of the shop.

But I don’t judge.

The church is happy to have a “real race car” parked out in front.

The kids, I’m certain, will ooh and aah over it.

(except for my kids and Jason…they won’t be even a little impressed.)

So it’s all good.

But first, we had to clear the snow and ice so we could get it out of the shop.



Rick was content to stay inside and watch cartoons until he noticed that everyone was outside and he was alone.

So I came in to get the numbers and this is what greeted me:


Now, I must say…please forgive the horrible quality of this photo.  I was laughing so hard the camera shake was immense.  And I didn’t even have time to think about switching lenses or moving settings around.  But you get the idea.

My sweet little boy…he got himself ready to go outside.

Even if all he added to his pajama ensemble was my hat, his shoes halfway on and his coat…upside down.

How does one even put a coat on upside down?

He makes me smile.

Kids are so much fun!

And speaking of Rick, he is kicking butt at AWANA with reciting his verses.

Last Sunday night he got his second green jewel:


He was so proud of himself..and we are proud of him.  It’s wonderful to hear the word of God coming out of that little guy.  He has a faith that I only wish I could have.  He never questions any of it. It just is.

M’Kayla is kicking butt on her verses too.  They both amaze me.

*newsflash*  My oldest offspring will be FOURTEEN in two days.

When did that happen?


We will be having a small party for him…cake and ice cream here at the house.

And dad and I are sending him to a youth camp in Feb….but shhhhh…don’t tell him!

It’s a surprise.

But back to AWANA and the grand prix…

I can’t wait to get pics of the kids’ cars so you can see them!

They are so cute!

But I will be quite content not to have the mess to deal with again anytime soon.

There is sawdust on my dining room floor and my box of paints will never be the same:


Ya wanna know what is scarier than a bunch of kids with paints?

Dogs and bubble wrap.


This stuff is SCARY.


I was sound asleep and Junior..weighing in at 100+ pounds, decided to walk across a sheet of bubble wrap.

I do not know how or why it was on the floor.

I do know that I have never woken up and simultaneously thought I was being shot with an uzi and had an overwhelming urge to shoot a dog with an uzi.

Scary stuff..that.

So, I am going to leave you with that little tidbit and go make my way into the social experiment that is the local wal-mart.

I have to get some food.

Kids must be fed.

Then I am off to Jason’s birthday party.

I got him the perfect gift:



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  1. I want you to know that I am laughing. hysterically. choking even. I sware. There is NO ONE that makes me laugh like you do. No. One.

    Bubble Wrap + Dog = Uzi. Priceless.

    And tell Ricky I think he looked quite dapper. ;o) And the coat idea? Totally. unique. I’m going to have to try that.

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