Playing with the new lens.


I have really been having a good time playing with my new lens.

I love how it works so well in low light conditions and now that I’m learning to focus it correctly…I think it’s working out!

We were waiting for Brian to come out of the store the other day and I decided to practice on M’Kayla.

She was so busy listening to her MP3 player, she didn’t notice at first:


But then she noticed..and of course, had to give me a peace sign (what is with this fad anyway?)


Then I suggested (told her) to just give me a she did:


She is such a pretty girl.

Now, if only I could figure out my black and whites…I can never seem to get them right.

And I’m really feeling defeated with the Church photo shoot I did the past two Sunday’s too.

Not too many of them turned out as well as I had hoped.

But I did learn a few things:

1.  I really need to study posing.

2. I really need to study photography.

3. I really need to study photography.

Someday I’ll get it…I know I will.

But right now I’m a tad on the annoyed side.  There is so much information swimming around in my head and then I go to shoot someone and it all goes away.

I literally forget everything the moment people are in front of me.  I even shake.

Evidently, quite noticably.   One of the other photographers commented on it.

Way to show em what a noob I am!

I am sure that with time and experience that will fade.

I think I just get so focused on taking the perfect photo and wanting to do the best job for them that I get too nervous to accomplish that goal.

I guess the only way to get over that is to jump in and get some experience!

Anyway…I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow there is work and hopefully more practice with my new toy.

Have a blessed week!


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