I got a new toy!!!


Mommies don’t often get new toys.

But I recently had a non-birthday.

(just for future reference, I’m hereby ignoring all impending birthdays…however, I am still accepting gifts.)

And my mom, being the super-fantastic mom that she is…

(there ya go mom!)

Sent me some cash for my birthday.

So I treated myself to something fun.

Because I wanted to!

I found this:


And I found it on sale.

Now, I will admit that I had a moment of panic because this little baby doesn’t have the auto focus for my camera.

(the one that does is…well…really out of my price range. We’ll go with that)

I wondered if I’d be able to make it work.

Well…I did.

It works.

It was well worth the phone call to Huppins..the driving downtown at 5 on a friday night.

(I do not recommend this)

And well worth the money.

I’ve been playing with it this morning.

And I still really need to get comfortable with doing the focusing myself.

But I did manage to get at least one semi-good shot of a very wiggly six year old!


And yes, I am aware that there is a LOT wrong with this shot.   But dang that boy has pretty eyes!!

So…thank you mom for going to the casino (you really ought to cut that out though) and winning me some birthday money so I could buy a super-fantastic lens for my camera.

Now I’m off to learn how to use it a bit better!


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