That was….awkward.


I just got done having a very awkward conversation with my teenager.

Seems he and his girlfriend broke up.

I’m glad he felt he could talk to me about it.

And I did find out some things about the girl that I didn’t know…and am now glad I know..and will now be telling her mother.

He asked me: “Mom, what do I do if she wants to get back together.”

I said:  ” Tell her your mom said you can’t date her…easy peasy.”

I know he won’t..but still.

It was awkward.

I’m sure I looked like a deer in the headlights.

Or like those people look when they don’t lock the bathroom stall door and you accidentally walk in on them when their pants are around their ankles.

yeah…just like that!

I just hope I handled it right.

But now, on to other things!!!

I may have mentioned that my church asked me to do some pics for their directory.

I agreed and since I have a super-fantastic husband who buys me fancy flashes for my camera for my birthday and a super-fantastic sister in law who contributes to it as well.

And since I have a super-fantastic online friend whom I WILL someday meet in person and hug like crazy.(ok, maybe not hug…I’m not the huggy type) who helped me figure out how to work my camera. (because I am allergic to reading manuals….really.)

I was able to get some (I think) pretty good pics for our directory!

I sure hope the church is happy with them!

So, I’ll share a couple of them with you:




So, what do you think?   Not too shabby for a total NOOB who has NO idea what she is doing huh?

I’m pretty happy with them.  Yes, there are technical things that could be improved upon, and I will work on that for next time.

I have to shoot more this coming Sunday…and will probably do a few re-takes if I can get the folks to come back in and sit a spell so I can shoot them again.

But I am pretty darn proud of how these turned out folks.

And I’m usually hard pressed to be proud of anything I do.

So, wish me luck…with the awkward teenager and the shoot next Sunday.

pssst….I was also asked if I had a portfolio because a soon to be bride is interested in having me shoot her wedding. SQUEEEEEEAL!!!!


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