Birthday presents?



Tomorrow is my birthday.

Yes, I am aware that it is also elvis’s birthday and that I will be subjected to at least three elvis movies and about 40 katrillion documentaries on his life.

But enough about the king.

Uh-huh.  Thankyaverymuch.

*pelvis wiggle*

Tomorrow morning I will wake up a strapping (isn’t that the word they use for fat boys?) 33 year old.


Actually, I am glad that the Good Lord has blessed me with another birthday..provided I make it to tomorrow.

I mean…you never know right?

But anyway…let’s assume that God will give me tomorrow.

If for no other reason than to watch me squirm at the realization that I am firmly planted in my 30’s.

I used to think that was old.

So, you might be asking yourself what I plan to do to celebrate such a monumental occasion….

Or you might be asking yourself how that piece of lint got so wedged between your toes.

Or what the square root of 4,687 is.

Or why the one line from “Back to the future” that you can’t get out of your head is “ONE POINT TWENTY ONE JIGGAWATS!!!!!”

(what? That’s only me?  you are a liar. you know it’s stuck in your head too.)

But I’ll pretend that you are at least a little bit interested in what I plan on doing.

Well…I plan to sleep in.

Yep…I fully intend to refuse to set my alarm clock and sleep until I get a bag-o-cereal upside the head, complete with a demand for milk and a bowl.

I plan to buck the system and ignore the fact that tomorrow is a school day.

Yes…yes…I am quite the rebel!

Oh wait…no…not quite.

See, school is cancelled….again.

I’m not all too upset that I will yet again be graced with the presence of my children on a school day, simply because I have been privy to some information that makes me question the structural integrity of several schools in the area.

There are perks to working for the district.

Insider info.  *wink*

But still, I have to admit that part of me really was looking forward to going out alone on my birthday.  Cruising the mall and oogling things I couldn’t hope to afford right now.

Going into stores that are full of breakable things.

Possibly indulging in a cinnabon.  (ok, maybe not..just the thought of that right now is making me nauseous. )

Maybe, just maybe, sitting in one of those chairs in barnes and noble and thumbing through some photography books in search of a way to take good portraits of families in really low light situations…since I have to do that on Sunday.

that reminds me…I have to go to the church tomorrow to do a few test shots! Eeek!

But instead, I will spend the day doing laundry, dishes and probably soaking up water out of the basement.

Yes…I have water in my basement.


Happy birthday to me.

No, really…it will be a happy day.

I will be spending it with at least two of the most important people in my life.

(M’Kayla is spending the night at a friend’s house)

It’ll be awesome.

I might even hug the teenager in public.

That would truly make my day.

Especially if I do it when a group of cute girls walk by.

I might just have the happiest birthday yet!


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