The young and the weirdness.


So, I was making my daily rounds of the intrawebs today and I ventured over to the Pioneer Woman’s site, like I always do.

And I was reading this post about the photo shoots she had done.

She was talking about the, well…odd faces her baby makes when she takes his picture.

I can sympathize.

For some reason, possibly because he’s a bit odd, my baby also feels it necessary to make unreasonably odd faces in nearly every picture I take of him.

So, in honor of weird-face-making-youngest-children, I present you with the anatomy of a weird kid photo shoot:

1. In this first picture, his face isn’t entirely bad necessarily…just not…natural.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the above shot turned out to be the best one I got of him all day.  *sigh*

2. In this one, I have said “hey Rick, give me a nice smile!”  so I got the head tilted teeth gritted “I AM smiling” fake smile:


3.  In this next one, it appears the much loved youngest child has broken into dance:


I’m not entirely sure what kind of dance it is…I guess it’s the Ricky dance.

4. Here you can see I have told him to cut out the monkey business..this is serious.  That just makes him mad I guess:


5. And here he just shuts me down completely:


So, in the interest of giving him a break, hoping that will make him more cooperative.  We move to a new location..enter snazzy tree to lean on and look “cool”.

6. Here, he is still not really into this whole picture taking thing…but he’s willing to try at least. (remember photo 1?)


So, I plead with him to give me just one good shot…

And it’s all downhill from there:



And the piece de resistance:


Ahh, the baby of the family.  Very loved, very sweet, and very…odd.

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  1. AWWWW, I think they are ALL good. There will come a day when you want him to “look goofy like you did when you were a kid” and he has lost that ability. Or he says a certain word that just isn’t quite right and you correct him and then one day you want him to say it like he did before……he can’t. Cherish these times Lulu….they won’t last long!! Love ya….loooooove that camera

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