The year in review..


I am sitting here tonight, picking chunks of garlic from my teeth.

(I agree..more info than you needed..but it’s my blog. )

And wondering how the heck it can be that tomorrow is new year’s eve.

How is that possible?

I simply cannot believe another year has flown by.

Seems time moves faster the older we get.

I didn’t used to believe that.

I do now.

But anyway.

I have been sitting here, picking my teeth and pondering what my new year’s resolutions should be.

And aside from the obligatory resolution to lose weight, which I will never follow through with, I can only come up with two things:

1.  Get my finances back in order and

2. really enjoy the people in my life. Really.

So, with that…I am going to take you on a little jaunt through the past year.

That is the best thing about a blog, you can go back in time with the click of a mouse.

I hope this is here forever…I hope someday when I’m gone my kids read it and think fondly of me.

Or at least remember that I had a problem with garlic in my teeth…it’s the little things that count right?


The year 2008 started out pretty much like every year for several years.

Amy, Rob and their families and my family got together at our house to play some games and watch the ball drop.   We do this because we don’t like being on the road with drunks…call us conservative.  *shrug*

We were all still reeling from watching Rob open his BB gun on Christmas…that was downright funny.

We had all decided that it would be fun to play DDR (dance, dance revolution)  and we all ended up laughing our butts off at Rob and Brian when they were doing it.

Hilarity at it’s finest.


*Thanks to Amy for the awesome pic…I love it!

Later in January, I got my fatty liver disease diagnosis. Which I have largely ignored, sadly.  I really should take better care of myself.


Also in January…I turned a whopping 32 and am NOT looking forward to the 33 that comes after that…very soon.

I also entered into the realm of being the mom of a teenager.  Clayton turned 13.   It’s been a challenge since.  But I love him and I’ll keep plugging away at making him be the good man I know he can be.

We also got a LOT of snow last January.  However…not nearly as much as we have so far this time.  I’m beginning to dislike snow.  I might have mentioned that recently:


February brought the 8th birthday of my baby girl.   I can’t believe I’m sitting here now, staring down the barrel of her 9th birthday.

It also saw my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s disease becoming profoundly worse.

It also saw the loss of my step grandfather, Charlie.

Brian and I attended a phenomenal marriage conference, and I so hope they offer it again this year…loved it!

Then, in March, my Grandmother’s husband, Wayne died.

And shortly after that, she hid him.  (sad, but funny all the same.)

My Father-in-law ended up in the hospital.

I registered Rick for Kindergarten.

My Mother-in-law had a heart attack.

March kind of sucked.  A lot.

In April, we learned that God is Not a pinata.

I went to the totally awesome Women of Faith Conference, and will be going again this year.

Oh yes I will.

Brian’s dad got all better, quit smoking, and celebrated his birthday.

In May, we got a piano, and Clayton started running track

We got our super, fantastic, incredibly yellow boat.

I got my eyes checked for the first time in 10 years and Honey went on a walkabout…to davenport.  Silly horse.

And I got my camera…the second love of my life. Which I will be using next month to take family portraits for our church directory.  Oh yeah…I can’t WAIT!

We also went on our first camping trip of the year to William’s lake. It was so much fun!

June was blissfully uneventful.

July, however, saw us camping yet again. This time was, well….an adventure.  But it turned out fantastic…even humorous.

Then there was chalkfest at church, which has resulted in me being asked to shoot nearly every church function since…which I am SO not complaining about!

August saw me with stitches in my gums (and one horribly painful tooth removed) and the kids hanging out in the sprinkler all day.

My buddy, Jaime, won a place as a Memory Makers Master.  I’m still jealous.  But I still love her tons LOL!!!

And we also got to meet and fall in love with this little guy:


He is just wonderful..and his mom is ok too.  *snicker*  you know I love ya girl!

And finally, we took our last and biggest camping trip of the year to Grand Coulee Dam.

It was AWESOME!!!   You simply must go see it.  Only not now..cause it’s, well, buried in the snow somewhere.

Wait till’s much better then.

September saw the start of a new school year.  And saw my baby off to kindergarten.  *sniff*

I still can’t believe he’s in school, and doing so well.

Brian and I entered some things in the fair…and won.  Oh yeah. we did!

Ricky turned 6.

I started working at our church and love it!

October saw me working at the church and at Ricky’s school (and M’Kayla’s sometimes)

It also ushered in my very first planned photo shoot.

We also ushered in fall with our annual trip to the harvest house in green bluff to pick apples.

There was also much trick-or-treating and costumes:


And sometime between then and November, my grandmother had to be placed in a nursing home.   Which reminds me…I need to call her.

November was nice.

We had thanksgiving…and I really am thankful for so very much!

Especially food:


And so far, December has seen us up to our armpits in Snow.

And then there was Christmas..which was wonderful but somehow different this year.

I hope to share those pics with you soon..but I will share my favorite one I took all day:


So, I’m sitting here on the eve of the eve of the new year and I am hoping and praying that 2009 will be a good year.

I pray that all of you find your blessings without looking too hard.

And I sincerely hope I can return here, to all of you, with tons of laughter over the celebration we will have tomorrow night.

Have a blessed new year everyone!

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