Snowed in…day 2



We have dubbed it “snow-pocolipse”





Call it what you will, it’s awful.

Awfully beautiful and the kids are having a blast in it.

I, however, staying true to my Oklahoma roots, am in definite dislike with all of it.

I’m stuck in my house, which is quickly becoming devoid of provisions, because the roads around here are impassable for a mere minivan.

As much as the minivan likes to think it’s a 4 wheel drive F-350 crew cab dually…it is not.

but don’t tell it…we’ll let it keep on believin’ .

I imagine that once I’m done with my blog entry, I will be forced to put on some much-too-big snow pants and bundle the kids up like lil’ sausages and trudge my way up to Walgreens.

It’s the closest.

And I’m all about the closeness.

Good thing we don’t still live 5 miles from the closest store.

Oh wait, if we did still live in Deer Park, the road would be plowed and I could get out.

That’s right.

I forgot.

But I’m not bitter…no, not at all.

I am, however, wondering when I’ll be able to go do my Christmas shopping.

Lesson learned, I’m starting next years shopping as soon as we get these roads plowed this year.


I have more pics I want to share of all of this blessed white stuff.

So you can share my miser-er-um-joy.

But that will have to wait.

I have to get Brian ready to go to Seattle and get myself ready to trudge.



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