It’s snowing here.


It started yesterday morning.

Hasn’t stopped yet either.

Don’t believe me?


This…is my mailbox.  And this is just what fell on it overnight…the kids had knocked some off.


Yeah.  And my husband and Father-in-law?

Driving in it.


I hope that if Brian makes it back to Spokane sometime today he doesn’t try to drive my van in this stuff.  The snow is so high on the roads that it’ll high center the van.

I really don’t care about the van though.

I just want my husband home.

Truth is that he shouldn’t have ever gone.

They should have cancelled the runs.

But I guess the stuff must be moved.

Because people need their stuff.

People, thank a trucker today….they move your stuff to the stores and in this case, put their lives on the line to do it.


But I won’t get any further into that.

I will, gleefully, share this little tidbit of stupidity with you though:

This is my neighbor..and his *ahem* friend…trying to shovel the street enough to get their car out.

Not sure where they thought they were going..but that mitzubishi isn’t moving that snow.



Oh, and for the record…that is a 4ft. chainlink fence with the snow halfway up it…just so ya know.

And for the other record..they never did get the car out. Dorks.

So, for all of my inland northwest peeps…stay home today. It’s icky out there.

For everyone, say a little prayer for my hubby and his daddy…pray they get home safe today.  And that their boss will catch a clue and let them stay home tonight.


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  1. Please please please, do NOT send it here!!!!! I can’t take 2 feet of the white stuff. However, it is very pretty! I always keep Brian in my prayers, and I will add Mr. Husk (dad). Ok, so what is up with the dorky neighbors? Did they really think that they were going somewhere???? Stupid! One would be hard pressed to WALK in the stuff, let alone drive! Dorks! Hey, I can send your brother up there, cuz he is now the “shoveling snow master!” Wore him out!!!!! YIPPIE!!!! Anyway, I do love the photos, and I know that you are smart enough to stay home. Keep Warm Sweetie!
    I Love You!

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