Yes, I’m still alive.


Much to my amazement, people have been searching for me because I have not updated the blog for awhile.


They like me! They really like me!

ok, maybe not…maybe they just want to kill some time on the intrawebs and need something new to read. I get it.

But yes, people, I am still alive.

I have not fallen off of the face of the earth.  I’m still here, spinning through space with the rest of ya.

And there are a ton of things I’d love to update you on.  But see, that’s the problem!

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t even sat down at the computer in weeks.

No, really…I didn’t even know that wordpress upgraded their site.  And I’m  not sure I like it yet.

Why do people have to go and change things when I’m not looking?

grrrrr. wanna know what is new in the Chateau de Husk?

Not  a whole heck of a lot.

Honestly, lately it’s been a blur of work and obligations and this thing they like to call Christmas.

Which I am so not in the mood for.

No, really.

I’m considering boycotting this year.

I haven’t even taken the yearly picture of the kids yet.  So don’t hold your breath that you’ll get a card from me.

Most likely it’ll be an email on Christmas eve with a pic of the kids, complete with one of the dogs walking through the scene and kids making funny faces.

I’m just not in the mood this year.

We don’t even *gasp* have our tree up yet.

I know!

it’s horrible isn’t it?

Funny thing though…the kids haven’t missed it.

Haven’t even mentioned it really.

Which means I’m doing something right…because Christmas isn’t really about trees now is it?

It’s not really about presents either….so I wonder if I could get away with not getting any of those.

(oh yes…Christmas shopping…something else I haven’t done yet)

Most likely not…they would notice no presents.

They are kids after all.

Of course, with the economy in the tank and the bills piling up and Brian losing two runs a month…the presents will have to be scaled back this year.

But ya know what?

I’m not sad about that.

Because Christmas is about CHRIST.   It’s about being with family and friends and sharing the glory of the LORD.

To be honest, I’m kind of glad that things have gone this way this year for so many people.

I have, for a long time, really hated Christmas because it seemed like one giant “anything you can do I can do better” fest.

I want to get back to buying someone a gift because I think it’s something they will like and use and not just because the price tag was so big it’ll knock them out.

I miss that.

I remember Christmases when I would get one really special, awesome, fantastic gift and I was thrilled with it.

I want my kids to feel that.

But most of all I want them to feel the joy of the season.

And I want them to learn that giving is way better than recieving.

And that the food is the second most important thing about Christmas.

The yummy, yummy food.

I do so hope Janine makes the little roll thingies. *drool*

Speaking of food.  We had a very lovely thanksgiving!

I got a jar of super fantastic awesome pickles from Lori’s dad.

I told him last time he came that he couldn’t come back unless he brought me some.

Luckily for him, he knew I was serious.

In fact, he even offered to teach me how to make them for myself.

He’s such a sweetie!

Anyway…the food was great, the company was fantastic…and it was awesome that me and my hubby (neither of whom are known for their smarts) tied the teacher and doctor in the trivia contest.


Oh yes…we did.

It was awesome.

We really aren’t stupid.

Anyway…we had a blast.  We ate, watched my mother-in-law have a mishap with a chair and discussed how much uncle bob really does remind us all of walter.




Uncle bob:


Told ya so.

Anyway…I hate to run, but I have to go to work.

(yes, I am working at Rick’s school now)

So if I don’t talk to all of you before then, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!


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