Eight! Eight things…ah, ah, ah, ah, ha!



Ok..so you caught me.

I do, on occasion, channel the count from sesame street.

He has been woven into the fabric of who I am.

I’m trying to learn to accept it.

But about the eight.

Whilst avoiding the myriad of chores that await my attention this evening, I stumbled upon some lady’s blog and she had this “eight things” post.

And since I’m super bored, and wish to continue to avoid said chores.

And because I am just stinkin’ depressed about the holidays this year and do not wish to delve into that abyss of my physche,

I am going to do the eight things.

You do it too.

Then post a link in the comments section here.

Oh come on!

you know you have chores you want to avoid!

Besides…it’ll be FUN!!

So, without further ado…


8 shows I watch:

  • Grey’s Anatomy.
  • ER
  • The amazing race
  • Trauma, life in the ER
  • re-runs of 90210 on soap.net. (don’t judge me!)
  • the new 90210
  • America’s next top model
  • Top Chef

8 things that happened yesterday:

  • We went to church
  • I worked after church
  • I cooked Chili for dinner
  • Brian and I watched the amazing race.
  • Brian got sick..poor guy.
  • I did two loads of laundry.
  • I spent far too much time online..as usual.
  • I charged my cell phone.

8  favorite places to eat:

  • Long John Silvers
  • Sonic
  • Subway
  • Panda Express
  • P.F. Chang’s (YUM_O)
  • Arby’s
  • Wendy’s
  • Papa Murphy’s (though, technically..that’s at home..but whatever!)

8 Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Being off work for two days.  Fifth graders test my patience!
  • A hot bath later.
  • Brian being well..Love you honey!
  • Meeting Jesus! YAY!
  • My Christmas Cranberry Salad.  It’s awesome. I said it.
  • My oldest child having a child exactly like him and the apology I will someday receive from him for his horrid behavior and smart, sassy mouth! Grrr.
  • My parents possibly coming for Christmas.  I’m starting to get discouraged that it’ll happen..but I’m hopeful.  I miss them.
  • Hannah Montana not being popular anymore. Really.

8 things on my wish list:

  • A foot spa… my feet hurt soooooooo bad.
  • A “Mikey chair”.  My uncle had this chair in his house..it was huge and comfortable and I want one. And yes, I named it after him.  I’m strange like that.
  • A clean house.  HA!
  • A down vest.  I’d really like a down vest.
  • To be about 50lbs. lighter.
  • For my parents to come for Christmas.
  • One of those Glade thingies that sprays air freshener every 35 minutes or so.
  • A cure for Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Ok…your turn now!!!  Make sure you link back here!

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  2. Ok, here are my answers. 8 shows I watch.
    1.) Ghost Hunters
    2.) Dr. G
    3.) Sesame Street
    4.) Caillou (Ck spelling)
    5.) Barney
    6.) 48 Hours Mystery
    7.) Mystery Diagnosis
    8.) The First 48

    8 Things that happened yesterday
    1.) I woke up
    2.) I took my kiddo to school
    3.) Went to the grocery store
    4.) Went to post office
    5.) Played with Zoe
    6.) Bought her a potty chair
    7.) Picked up my boy
    8.) spent some quality time with hubby!

    8 favorite places to eat
    1.) Roadhouse (steaks to die for!)
    2.) McDonalds (addicted to the fries!)
    3.) Home
    4.) Hu Hot
    5.) Home
    6.) Home
    8.) etc

    8 Things I am looking forward to
    1.) my cold leaving (my nose hurts!)
    2.) my middle daughter getting her life straight for her daughters sake!
    3.) some time with my husband
    4.) A trip to Spokane to visit my grandkids and their parents.
    5.) Meeting Jesus
    6.) seeing my son grow into a wonderfully funny responsible man
    7.) Going back to Oklahoma
    8.) Growing old with my husband

    8 things on my “wish list.”
    1.) A cure for Cancer and Alzheimers
    2.) A pickup truck for my husband
    3.) I wish people here in Topeka would stop being so damn STUPID! Oh wait, then my husband would not have any material for his “comedy routine.” Never mind!
    4.) To go to Spokane SOON! I miss my kids!
    5.) For Erin to grow up
    6.) To see my Mom whole again. (ok,I know that won’t happen, but I can wish
    7.) for peace of mind
    8.) for peace on earth

    Ok, there you have it.
    Bye. Love You!

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