All I want for Christmas is…


Well..there are a lot of things actually.

And I know that at thirty*coughcough* years old I should be well past the age where I’m making a Christmas list.

But that is part of the fun of the season..right?

So, here are some things that are on my list: (in no particular order I might add)

1.A down vest like this one:


But not in that color…I think maybe red or black or white.

2. The Furminator!


Why, you might ask???  Because it does this:


And anything that will cut down on the copious amounts of Labrador hair in my home is the gift that keeps on giving.  Seriously…I want one…the large one.  It would make my Christmas.

3. Refills for my bath and body works wallflowers.


I lurve them. They make my house smell a little less like dog and feet.

4. A gift card to Dutch Bros.


It’s an addiction. I freely admit it. And their cranberry-orange muffin tops…OMG. *drool*

5. A big chair with an ottoman:


Just because I do. I want it.

6. A bazillion dollar gift card to pottery barn.  Cause I want this:


Just….all of it.

7.  New tires for my van.  Tires are incredibly expensive.  And I’m not sure why, exactly.  And of course my van needs big tires.  Not little yugo tires that sell for sixty bucks a set.  Noooooo…we need big tires. grrr.


8. Paint.  I want to paint my home.  All of the stinkin walls in here are white, with the exception of the dining room which is a gross, flat, icky green color.  I want to paint.


9.  A fence.  I want a fence to keep the dogs in the back.  I am tired of poo in my front yard.  So I want a fence.  Besides…it makes it harder for the little hoodlums in the neighborhood to scope my son’s bike to steal.  The rotten little jerks.


10. And last but most importantly…..A DISHWASHER!!


Ok…so maybe not a Bosch.  I’d settle for a Maytag or something.  That’d be ok!

So..what is on your list?


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