The Notebook



Since I’m always late to the party. I feel completely safe talking about this movie because I’m certain you have all seen it.

Or have heard the spoilers.

I watched this movie last night.

It is the first time I have cried in a long time.

I don’t usually cry at movies…but this one hit home.

It’s about a woman who has alzhiemer’s disease, and a man who reads a story to her from a notebook.

And without giving away the whole move, on the off chance that some of you have not seen it, it was heart wrenching.

And it made me think.

It made me think of my grandma.

She was once young and vibrant and beautiful…and in love.

Just like the girl in the story.

And just like the girl in the story, she is now old and frail and has forgotten nearly everything that meant something to her.

Think about that for a second.

Look at your spouse…

Now, imagine that you don’t know them anymore.

That person whom you have shared your life with, yourself with, your deepest-darkest secrets with.

The person who can look at you and know what you are thinking.

The person who can finish your sentences.

The person who held your hand when you had your children…that the two of you created together.

The person who cooked alongside you in the kitchen.

The person who held you when you cried.

The person whom you said “I love you” to every day.

The person you can’t imagine life without….

That person is a total stranger.

You can’t recoginze their face.

You can’t remember ever meeting them.

Think about your children.

The little people who came from you.

The people you nursed, bathed, clothed and cared for.

The little knees you kissed all better when they fell.

The very people you would gladly lay down your life for…

They are total strangers to you.

You can’t recognize their faces.

Their presence makes you uneasy because you can’t quite determine their motives.

Why are all of these strangers sitting there, looking at you so sadly?

That is the reality of Alzheimer’s disease.

And as I sat there watching this move..that is all I could think of.

How precious it is that we can look at our loved ones and immediately see a flood of memories just upon the recognition of their faces.

That is a gift.

One that is all too often taken away from many, many people by a horrible disease.

The likelyhood that I will someday suffer the same fate is high.

I dread the day I look at my husband and no longer know his name.

I can’t bear the thought of the pain my children and grand children will feel when I say “who are you?”

So, if you are in the mood for a good cry…go rent this movie.

If you are in the mood to pray…pray that they find a cure for Alzhiemer’s disease.

Pray that no one else has to ever look at thier loved ones and see only strangers.


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  1. The ONE and ONLY blessing of this disease Chris is the fact that we can at this time think how horrible it would be to forget but those who HAVE the disease don’t KNOW they have forgotten. Your Gma, bless her heart doesn’t know she is forgetting the memories that you so cherrish. YOU have to be her memory…write things down, copy receipes….that is what I’m doing for my grand daughter Kyndahl. I’m making her a recipe book of all the “favorites” from Nanny’s, MeMe, Gma and Mom’s and others kitchen. These are priceless irreplaceable items. Even though my Mom lived to be 82, when the Lord took her home I wasn’t ready, there was still a wealth of knowledge I hadn’t received….Love ya and Happy Thanksgiving

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