Somewhere over the rainbow…


I just love that song.

But only when Judy Garland sings it.

I’m a traditionalist like that.

And I got to hear it the other night when the kids and I sat around the television and watched the classic movie together.

They loved it.

It’s great to know that children can still be entertained by a movie that has no computer generated effects and no animated characters.

They didn’t even notice the cheezy special effects.

They were just enthralled by the story.

And I love that.

But while I was sitting there watching the movie, I remembered that I had not shared any of our halloween photos yet!

Now just how, you might be wondering, does that movie draw any sort of connection to halloween?

Well…quite simply;

My daughter was a scarecrow.


Isn’t she adorable???!!!!

I just love her costume.  We got it at Wal-mart, and in and of itself it wasn’t fancy.  But with some raffia, some tights, and a little black makeup I think it turned out awesome!


Sometimes she is just too cute for words.

I thoroughly enjoy taking her pictures..she is such a ham!

And yes, I do in fact have other children who dressed up for Halloween and I will post about that at a later time…

Along with some updates, and an explanation for the different copyright mark on my pics.

But for now, I’m off to the land of Oz….

Oh wait…not really…I’m off to wrangle a bunch of 5th graders at the school.

Though I will admit that they are quite possibly those flying monkeys in disguise..

Wish me luck!

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