Do you remember in school when you and your classmates would decide to have a race?

You would all line up next to one another…toes on the line…and you would wait.

A ball of anticipation bouncing around in your tummy.

And one of your friends would say “Reeeady….seeeeeet….GO!!”  And you would take off running at top speed?

I remember that feeling.

And lately, I feel like I am stuck on that starting line, waiting for someone to finally say “GO!”

There is so much to do.

I need to:

Clean the house, make a shopping list, do the laundry, clean the yard, go to work, get costumes, get all of the stuff for Rick’s halloween party at school, pay bills, start Christmas shopping…the list goes on and on.

And normally, all of this wouldn’t be a big deal.

But lately, it seems that just when I’m ready to start a task, something comes up and my attention is diverted.

I’m standing there, waiting for someone to say “GO!”

I need to clean the house…but I only get so much done before I have to leave.

I need to make a shopping list…but I can’t justify doing that till the house is clean.

I need to clean the yard…but the weather is gross. (ok, not today..but the inside needs more help than the outside!)

I need to go shopping…but tomorrow is payday and I don’t have the cash for everything I need yet.

It’s always something.

I know, I know…be more organized and things will run more smoothly.

Oh how I wish.

I am so overwhelmed by my disorganization lately that I just want to cry.

Or take every stinkin thing I haven’t used within the last two weeks to value village.

And just like that, I look at the clock and see that it’s time to go again.  I have to go read with Rick’s class.

I wish someone would just say “GO!” already.


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