Hey Y’All..it’s fall!


Of course you most likely already knew that.

I’m usually late to the party.

Especially lately.

I am SO busy!

Between home chores, working at the church and working at the school…I never seem to have the time to get online anymore.

I guess that’s ok though..no one reads this thing anywhoo.

But..because I do actually have some time today (not really…I’m ignoring housework)

And because I have not updated this thing in forever.

I’ll share our Saturday with all of you.

We took our yearly trip to Greenbluff to get some apples!  We always have the best time doing that.  There is something about being outside in a rural setting that brings out the best in my family.

And the apples were awesome this year!

Of course, so was the homemade, warm applesauce with a big ol’ glob of melted caramel on top too.  But I ate that way too fast to get a picture. Sorry.

The kids did have caramel apples though…and you just can’t eat a caramel apple fast.

So I did manage to catch those on camera:

Rick just loved it. He was covered in caramel by the time he was done!

Clayton…well, he was evidentially quite suspicious of his apple.  I’m not sure why. I truly don’t understand that boy sometimes:

And M’Kayla…well, she just loves caramel apples.

After we had our treats, it was time to go pick some fruit.  We headed into the orchard and found a ton of beautiful golden delicious apples….they are my favorite…next to braeburns.

Of course, all of the really good ones were really high up in the trees.  But we have tall people…so we improvised!

I guess there are advantages to being super tall.

Of course, daddy’s shoulders couldn’t keep that up forever, so Clay went and got a ladder and we spent the rest of the afternoon picking apples:

It was truly a great day. We always have such a good time.  And we always end up with a ton of yummy apples!

I hope all of you are enjoying your fall as well.

As for me, my free time is up…time to run again!


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