What have I done?????


I got a call last night that they needed someone to come work at the church.

And since I have no life, and am frequently bored to tears, I decided to go fill in.

It was…well…as much fun as a room full of rowdy, tired, snotty kids can be.

I did get to read a Dr. Seuss book, and I do loves me some Seuss.

So there was an upside too.

And I got to play with the cutest little girl too.

Her name is Sydney.

She is one.

She fell down some stairs at home and looked like she’d gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson, but boy was she cute.

And she completely stole my heart when she put her little baby head on my shoulder and gave me a hug.

(all together now…)


But anyway.

After the meeting, we went into the meeting room and helped finish off the panda express they had ordered.

And that’s when it happened…..

(cue Jaws music.)

Our pastor’s wife approached and said:  “Hi Christi!  I wanted to ask you something! I really loved the pictures you took at chalkfest and I was wondering if you would be willing to take some of our family..yanno, for Christmas pictures.”

Ok..now imagine me with the look of a deer staring down the grill of a semi-truck.

I said (before my brain even had time to object) “oh I’d love to!”

She said: “of course I’ll pay you”

I said: ” No need! I need the practice!”

She said: ” oh no, I will have to pay you for it!”

I said: “ok, that’ll be great!”

There was more conversation after that, but I couldn’t hear it over my brain screaming at me.

It was reminding me that I am in no way ready to do an actual shoot.

Let alone one I get paid for!

Let alone one that might end up on someone’s Christmas cards!

What was I thinking????!!!!!

She is going to call to set up a date.

I need to practice my butt off before then.

Brian said we could go scout sites on Saturday and I can look for good places and practice lighting and stuff.

But still!!!

What was I thinking!!!?????

And now I have to find a way to PP these things.

And I have to find a good place to have them printed.

And I have to come up with a logo to put on them.

And I have to…oh my goodness I can’t even think!!!!!



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  1. Lulu…do NOT be afraid to venture out…I don’t know if you remember or not but I use to take pictures for people. Didn’t do a heck of a lot but I still did them. I used a Canon AE1…had a zoom and wide angle lens along with the regular one.
    My suggestion would be to tell you pastor’s wife. I will take the pictures, if you like them you pay for them. I would trust she would be honest BUT I’m also sure she will LOVE them. STOP fretting.
    I think this is the beginning of “Sonshine Photography” HE has given you a great gift Chris….take them to the field where M’Kayla is. Some of the craziest places make the best scenery.
    I would have never thought an abandoned dairy plant would make a good backdrop but the daughter of a friend of mine had her senior pictures taken there. They were GREAT!!! The photographer also used her car in the pictures etc. Chris don’t try and be like everyone else….do it YOUR way. Gotta go groom a dog….love ya kid

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