“Am I six yet?”


That is the question I got this morning, whispered into my ear.

“yes baby, you are six now.”


He is so excited about his birthday.

I simply cannot believe he is six.

And I also cannot believe I spent the better part of my morning smearing chocolate frosting onto 24 little cup cakes and stuffing 24 little gift bags to take to his class.

I am excited about that!

I’ve always wanted to be a “room mom”.

To be that mom who always showed up on the birthdays and for the class parties with the goodies.

And I finally get to be!

I can freely devote time to each of the kids equally.

Well, with the exception of Clay.

I’m certain he’d be a might embarrassed if his ol’ fat mom showed up at the school with a bazillion cupcakes on his birthday.

Then again…maybe not.

<evil grin>

Anyway…back to my baby.

He is six.

And he is large and in charge.

I have to ask..where did the six years go?

Who knows.

They sure went quick though!

So…to celebrate this sixth year, and because it’s always fun to go back and read about it later..and because I’ll forget. (it’s evidentially genetic)

Here is a glimpse of Ricky at six:

  • He love google maps.  Will sit for hours and follow the maps down different streets and highways.
  • He also loves the recently downloaded google earth. Yes, he’s….unique.
  • He love his thomas trains.
  • He adores hot wheels, and thinks he should get one every time we go shopping.
  • He is wearing a size 8 clothes (sometimes 10) and a size 3 shoe.
  • He thinks his daddy is the most strongest man on earth.
  • He starts most every sentence with “well, you know….”
  • He will read anything and everything he can get his hands on.
  • His best friends are his cousin, Jason, and Spencer at church.
  • He loves to lay his head on his doggy while he watches t.v.
  • He still sucks his thumb when he thinks no one is looking.

There is tons more I could write..but I have to get those cup cakes loaded into the mom-mobile and head to the school

Happy Birthday little man! (and dad too…happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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