You MUST buy this book for your children!


Last night we had a little party for Brian’s mom and Rick for their birthday’s.

Ricky called it his “fake birthday”

But he still got presents.

shiny, new, fun presents.

And the best thing?  No annoying toys he won’t play with.

The boy seriously plays with very few toys.

Hot wheels and Thomas trains…that’s it.

That is all he likes.

And books…he looooves books.

Devours them.

I’ve never seen an almost 6 year old with such a voracious appetite for books.

And he got a few!

Most of them were work books.  which he also loves.

But the best one, by far, was this one:

You really MUST get this book for your kiddos.

It is a laugh a minute.

Especially if you live with an exceptionally gassy Labrador like we do.

Now, some of you might be thinking “eew. We just don’t use the word “fart” in our home. I’d never buy that for my children! How GHASTLY!”

To you who are thinking that, I simply say:

Oh just UNCLENCH already!  (pun intended)

It is a fantastic book.

The kids and I laughed like we haven’t laughed in a long time!

They loved it so much they wanted to read it over and over again.

And I could completely see the wheels turning in Ricky’s head, trying to figure out just how to make a “fart catcher”

It is awesome.

And I will most certainly be on the lookout for the other books in this series.
(why yes..yes there IS a series!)

So, go out and get them..check them out!

And for the love of pete…read a darn book to your kids!!!!


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