The smell of barbasol filled the air…


In my dining room today.

Why you ask?

Well…it’s sort of a long story.

Turns out Rick has trouble writing…who knew.

(I did..that’s who!)

Oh he can spell…he can spell third grade core words.

And he can form the letters just fine.

He just can’t hold a pencil correctly.

Correction: He can hold it correctly..he just has trouble doing it.

It’s a fine motor skill, that through my negligence in not purchasing chunky crayons and pencils for him, I have caused him not to obtain.






Well….not entirely I guess…but I did drop the ball on this one.

But I digress.

Rick’s teacher is “concerned” because he is having trouble writing and doesn’t want to do his writing drills.

Rick’s teacher told me that he told her “I’m just not gonna do it.”

Color me surprised.


So…I told her I’d work with him on it (like I have been for…well…a looooong time) and asked if she had any suggestions for me to help him.

She suggested I let him use a hole punch on some paper. I thought that was a good idea, but I knew there had to be more out there.

So, I went to my favorite source for all things teaching (cause she’s awesome at it..that’s why!) And called Aunt Lori.

Aunt Lori had tons of awesome suggestions.

I knew she would.

And we have tried a few, and have seen wonderful progress!

Rick now has a few “chunky” pencils to practice with.

He also has a few “grips” on his regular pencils. (though Aunt Lori mentioned a really good one she is going to show me and I’m anxious to see that one)

And best of all…he no longer hates his writing drills! Hooray!!!!

(I, personally, think that getting kids excited about something they don’t like to do is half the battle!)

He was so proud to show me his papers this week…and to tell me that he did a great job on his writing, even though he was still “slower than the other kids, but I think they have super powers.”


But back to the barbasol.

One of the suggestions that Aunt Lori had for me was to put shaving cream on the table and let him “draw” in it.

It works the muscles in the fingers (mainly the index) that he uses to grip a pencil correctly and will help his hand work right.

So, today I decided to give it a try.

Oh boy did he have fun!!!

At first he was just making swirls, but I had him start writing letters and numbers too.

Of course, M’Kayla had to join in the fun as well!

It was soooooooooo messy!

But it was a fantastic, fun, wonderful exercise for my little man..

And I am so thankful that I have Aunt Lori’s help.

Seriously folks…hug a teacher..they are awesome people!

And now, I sit here…the scent of barbasol hanging in the air…excited about my little one’s progress and what the rest of the year holds for him.

Now, if only I could convince him that keeping a mental list of the streets that his friends live on is just a little on the weird side….


3 responses »

  1. Christi,
    It looks like the kids are having fun. I’m glad it’s working. Thank you for the kind words. Since you’re the one who has to get him to practice, thank you for following through. Ricky is blessed to have a mom who encourages him to write in shaving cream, clean up after him, and put up with the smell.
    🙂 Aunt Lori
    P.S. the shaving cream comes in different scents, some better than others. I have the super cool gripper and will give it to you tomorrow.

  2. Wow!!!What a wonderful idea. They look like they had a blast! Not only did it look like fun…but the house should smell great now! Aunt Lori…you’re the bomb! And yes, I believe those children are blessed to have a great Mom like you, Daughter Dear!

    Love to All!

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