So this is what free time feels like?


I thought for sure that once the kids were all in school that I’d have some free time.

Time to relax and get things done.

I had visions of my house maintaining cleanliness for longer than a nanosecond.

I had fantasies about me…sitting in a starbucks, drinking a coffee, chilling to some smooth jazz music…and I don’t even like starbucks or jazz music.

But the point was, I would be able to do all of these things because I’d have free time.

Time I didn’t have to myself when the kids were at home all day.

Funny thing though…I seem to have less time than I used to..

I feel like I am constantly busy.

There is constantly something that needs doing.

I actually went and bought a big ol’ calendar to keep track of my schedule.

And a planner for my purse.

I’ve never had to have one before.

I just don’t get it.

Oh well…I guess with free time comes great responsibility..or something corny like that.

I just feel for those of you who work and do everything else I have to do.

I’m fairly certain I’d be comatose if I had to juggle all of this on top of a job.

Of course…I do have a job of sorts now.

I’m working at the church, which I am so excited about!

I also signed on again this year to be an AWANA leader.  And I managed to convince Brian and Clay that they could help too without dying.

So Brian and I will be Sparks leaders and Clay will be a “LIT”..leader in training.

If you can, get involved with AWANA.  It’s a fantastic program that really teaches kids about the word of God in a way that will stick with them forever.

And if you are looking for a way to jump in with both feet, well, we seriously need more leaders for the sparks group!


Back to my “free time”. Which I obviously have none of anymore!

I did spend a little of my free time last week to take the kids to the fair.  Brian and I entered some stuff…he entered bread and walked away with two red ribbons and three blue ribbons (yay Brian!) and I entered two scrapbooking pages and got a blue ribbon on both. (yay me!)

Here is Brian’s white bread and raisin bread with the ribbons he won. (His are 2nd and 4th from the left on the top)

We also took the time for the kids to do a few things.  They wanted to do the mutton bustin’, but they had an age limit (6 and under) and a weight limit (69 lbs.) and both kids broke the limits. darn it all.

(yes, you read that right, Ricky weighs over 70lbs….the little (well, big I guess) weirdo)

So, they settled for the tractor pull:

M’Kayla was the first kid in the group to have a “pull out” (finish) pulling 150 pounds.

Then Rick had his turn…and also had a pull out:

(how could he not with that much determination?)

They both made it to round two and finished with blue ribbons of their own:

They both had a really good time!

After that, we decided to get some lunch…I just love fair food! But my kids, well..they love chinese.

And Clayton? Well..he just hates having his picture taken. Poor kid.

After lunch we headed for the livestock barns and Clayton had me in stitches. That boy is so funny!

He made me take a pic of this bird…swears it’s his nanny..he said:  “I will call it…nannybird”

Then he found this guy:

And suggested he belonged to a less than stellar organization and that there would likely be a cross burning somewhere in a pasture later that night.

Sometimes that boy is too much!

After we toured the livestock and ooohed and aaaawed over the calves. (there is no cuter baby animal than a bovine baby..there just isn’t.) we took the kids to ride a few rides.

But only a few.

A person could spend a year’s salary on that stuff if they aren’t careful!

There was so much more to stick on this post..but man, that silly schedule of mine is screaming that I must now begin making dinner. so I can get my hubby off to work. So I can go off to work.


I’ll have to catch up with this at a later date.

In the meantime, if you have any meantime…enjoy some free time for me!


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  1. I have to ABSOLUTELY agree on the “nannybird”!! Sorry Lainie Loo………I literally laughed outloud when I read that along with the comment about the sheep “hood”.
    I want to know if you bought a new coffee pot and IF it was a BUNN!!

  2. Ok, that boy is in for it! I do NOT look like that silly bird….well maybe a little! Glad I could oblige! 🙂 At least one thing is for certain…I may not be remembered for doing anything great or stupendous…but I WILL be remembered for my big hair! At least it is something. 🙂 And to Libbie, it is ok… 🙂 The sheep thing was hilarious! That boy has your sense of humor, Christi. Mom is up…gotta run.

    Love You All!

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