what happens when you give a kid a camera..


Ever since I acquired my super-fantastic-awesome new camera, one of my very favorite pastimes is to turn the kids loose with my old fuji.

It’s always interesting to me what I find on the memory card when they are done.

It’s really nifty to see the world through their eyes.

(did I just say “nifty”??? I did…didn’t I.)

Last weekend, when we went camping at Grand Coulee, I handed off the camera to the kiddos and they went to snapping.

This is a mixture of pictures taken by my niece, nephew and my three kiddos.


Someone seems a bit annoyed with her photographer.

53 WPM….that’s some fast talkin!

Self portrait? Or audition for the next blair witch movie..you decide.

Silly goof!

Blue skies, blue eyes, and boogies.

I think he always looks at her that way…that’s a big brother look!

Whilst one takes ones own self portrait, one should remove camera strap from ones neck.

Finally! Proof! they ARE monkeys!!!!

I always knew it!

But now, I’m off to bed….it’s friday…I can sleep in tomorrow!  Yippie!


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