Off to School he goes


Okay, I know it’s thursday and I should have posted this on like, monday.

But I’ve been up to my armpits in papers, packing lunches, doing laundry and filling out forms for sports.

So I have not had any time to reflect on my baby going to Kindergarten.

But he is officially in school.

And he is loving it!

Here he is on the first day:

(please forgive the bad shot..I forgot to adjust my settings)

It’s hard to believe he is in school.

But he is!

I had him hold the 2008 paper because I wanted to start doing a “first day of school” pic with all three of the kids.

Of course, the teenager caught wind of that and was gone like a flash.

So I only got the two little kids in it…they still want to please mommy even if it means abject humiliation for them:

Too bad I ruined the pic by not turning the dial. darn it.

Oh well…anyway.

Ricky was very excited for his first day.  His teacher came out and said hello to him and he gave her a big hug.

The first day he was pretty tired when he got home…but he said he had fun.

The second day, he was line leader and was holding doors for the other kids.

Today, he told me I could go….he didn’t need me to stand in line with him this morning.

I hovered anyway.

Cause I’m a mommy and it’s what I do.

I am so proud of him.

Sadly, we are still waiting on his transfer to lidgerwood.  But we were able to choose his teacher for now, so we are satisfied with that.

Hopefully they will have a spot for him soon.

If not, we will have to explore other options I suppose.

But for now he is doing well and seems happy and excited to go…and that, my friends is the bottom line.

M’Kayla is happy too.

Her teacher from last year moved up a grade and is her teacher again this year.

I have a sneaky suspicion that that was requested.

but shhhhhh…that’s between us!

She is really happy and seems to be having fun so far.

As is Clay…though he won’t admit it.

That wouldn’t be cool.

And we won’t discuss him being in 8th grade.

(and no…I don’t care if other people have kids in HIGH SCHOOL…that is YOUR problem..not mine…yet.)

Anyway….I am optimistic that this will be a good year for the kiddos.

I know it’ll be a good year for me.

I’m already enjoying my time “off”

Why…the first day I went to lunch and got my nails done with my sister-in-law!  Quite a way to start off the school year if you ask me!

And now…since I still have a few hours till school is out…I’m going to go catch up on some t.v….and possibly some laundry.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!!!


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