I should be packing…


But while I was taking a break to eat my dinner, I stumbled upon some stuff that had me rolling on the floor.

And had my kids wondering what planet I grew up on.

And since I love to share with all of you…

Here are some things to keep you occupied whilst you wait for my return:

I had the ribbon one:

Never really got into Jem…barbie was my doll of choice:

Now that darn song will be in my head alllllll night:

why yes, I do still know all the lyrics to the song on the cassette…thanks for asking:

I had them all….but I renamed them…the mom was “Sandy”…the dad was “Rob”….the girl was”Cindy” and the boy was “mikey”(Cindy is somewhere upstairs in my daughter’s closet)

And you thought the concept of the wii was something new!

Yep…I ate it. as a matter of fact..I can still taste it:

I sure wish I knew where mine went:

Ooooooohhhhh yeah!:

That should keep you busy for awhile…if not..youtube is full of this stuff!


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  1. OMG ROFL!!!!!! Girl I am so sorry I didn’t get to talk to you today, I was trying to get Addy down for her nap and I saw that she called you AGAIN LOL!!!!! Have a safe and fun trip. Oh, and I tagged you ;o)

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