Gone Fishin’


Or at least I hope to be.

We are heading out tomorrow for our last big camping trip of the year.

We are going to be down by grand coulee dam.  I’m actually pretty excited about that.  I’ve never been down there.

Evidentially there is a killer laser light show.

And lots of hiking trails.

So..my plans for the weekend?

Lots of fishing.

We all love to fish.

But I guess I’m weird because to me it is a form of relaxation.

At least until we take my dorky brother-in-law out on the boat and he wears that hat…you know..this one:

he’s a little…well…speshul.

And I can’t fish when I’m laughing.

Oh…and I plan to eat…yes, I do.

I love to eat…obviously.

But Amy will be making her yummy kabobs:

They are so yummy. *drool*

I also plan to do some cooking myself…I’ll be making chili, and making Amy’s camping trip..well, stinky.

(hey..I have to sleep with Brian AND Charlie..so I don’t wanna hear it!)

I also plan to do some reading.  I’m still trying to get through 2 samuel and I plan to finish it over the weekend!

I also plan to do a LOT of picture taking:

I found a really neat photography board and have gotten some amazing feedback on my photos, so I want to take some new shots and put to use what I have learned.

And of course…I will be making some S’mores.

S’mores are da bomb. Just ask Ricky.

And finally…I will relax.

I want to get some good relaxation time in before school starts, because my calendar is already full for next week…and it’s only going to get worse.

Hope you all have a fantastic Labor day weekend!!!!


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