Babies,Bewbies, and growing up too fast.


M’Kayla had a program tonight at her friend, Lexee’s, church.

she had a few speaking parts and sang a few songs.

That girl sure loves being in the spotlight!

Of course, anyone who knows M’kayla knows that about her.

There she is, my little girl…behind the mic.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but I had to be really careful about what pics I posted…it seems my baby isn’t a baby any more.

And without going into much detail….I need to decide what sort of training bra is appropriate for an EIGHT year old.



*gnash teeth*

It’s so unfair.  I know I started to develop early..and I hated my body.  All of my little friends were still board straight…not sir.

And now, my poor baby is headed down that horribly embarrassing road.

darn growth hormones in milk is what it is.


She did really great…she is quite a natural when it comes to performing.

She actually enjoys being in front of an audience.

I’m not sure where she got that from…but I love it too.

I always wanted to be like that…but I’m not.

So she is, and I can watch and be proud.

And cry because of the bewbies.

They really do grow up too fast.

Which brings me to this little angel:

This is my sister-in-law’s foster daughter’s son.

(got that? LOL)

He is just beautiful.

I just had to snap his picture.

And looking at him, and holding him…it makes me remember.

He is so fresh, and new, and full of promise and potential.

And I remember when my kids were that little.

Especially the boys…Clay, wow clay.

I remember him being this little.

And now he is a head taller than me.

And he is smart..and kind…and good.

(even if he does have enormous feet)

And then there is Ricky….he is starting kindergarten next tuesday.

next tuesday.

where did five years go?

Too fast is where it went.

I sure hope that “T’s” mommy realizes that he is a precious gift and that before she knows it, he’ll be a head taller than her with facial hair and enormous feet.

I hope she remembers to savor every moment she has with him.

I’m sure she will…but boy, do I ever see me where I was 13 year ago in her…and boy, would I love to give her some advice that I wish someone would have given me way back then.

Those babies…they just grow up way too fast.


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  1. Hey you, how do I know if you ever read what anybody says in these here comments? Here you are talking about watching YOUR babies grow up what about MEEEEE watching MY babies growing up….YOU are pretty darn close to bein’ one of mine ya know!! We have been through some pretty special times!! My Mr.T is 28, Miss R is 24 and Mr A is 17!!!!!! Just bought a 1990 Mazda RX7….way cool. He is learning to drive a stick…look out America. Of course Mama had to just “show em how it’s done”!! He was just a bit surprised.
    I just can’t tell ya enough how proud I am of you Miss Christie Lulu. Don’t you stop doin’ whatcher doin’ ya hear me. Take care now
    luve ya

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