I love a rainy night…or day.


Especially when the preceding days were well over 100 degrees and just miserable.

Today it’s cool, and rainy.

And I love it!

Makes me wanna curl up with a good book.

And make a pot of chili or some other such cool weather fare.

It also makes me want to go lock myself in my scrap room.

I, for the first time in a long time (thanks Jaime!) have a nagging need to go create.

I’m going to make a mini album for our children’s ministry leader at church.

I’m also going to a meeting tomorrow morning…because God does in fact provide.

I have been offered a paid position at our church.  I have to go to a meeting for it tomorrow morning.

Hooray for me!

That’s right…she just called me up and said “hey, would you be interested in blah blah blah?”

I was like “um…sure!”

And she said “it’s a paid position as well.”

And I said “ok….I’ll come to the meeting!”

(now, I’d have done it for free…and I’m certain that if I accept it, a lot of my pay will find it’s way back into the offering plate..but still..how cool is that?!)

So, now I have to decide what to do with my lovely, wonderful, rainy day…

I guess I should go close the vents on the camper..that’d be a good place to start!

Hope you all have a great day!


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