A sign of the times


*warning….there will be a whiny vent ahead.  If you don’t want to read it…leave now.  If after you read it you feel the need to say something witty about how I chose to have these kids and should just shut up or some other such snark, please just click that little red box with an “X” in it at the upper right hand side of your screen. I have no use for such comments. I am complaining. I do that. Get over it. Thankyouverymuch.*

I am certain that by now all of you have noticed that the economy is in the tank.

And the price of everything has shot through the roof.

Thankfully, we have been blessed with a good enough income to stay afloat in these troubled times.

Trust me, I know it could be much, much worse for us.

So I’ve been sitting here, trying to convince my daughter to use last year’s book bag for school again this year (because it’s entirely usable…nothing wrong with it!) so I can redirect the money I’d be spending on a new book bag toward other essentials..like, yanno, pencils.

No worries….she’ll have a book bag…new? Maybe not.. but she’ll have one.

Clayton is re-using his from last year…he wanted to. He’s environmentally conscious like that.

(kidding…he just really likes that bag…good thing too, it was $30.00!)

Anyway, so I was trying to convince my daughter not to be a snob and not just have to have the latest and greatest book bag, when I saw the mail man drop off our mail.

So out to my new, fancy, locking, no-need-to-come-into-my-yard-with-the-killer-labs, mailbox I trot.

(ok, so trot is a strong word…more like moseyed.)

And there, in a crisp white envelope from the nutrition services for our local school district.

I had to snort a little.

They keep trying to get me to apply for reduced lunches for the kids…but we didn’t qualify.

But then a light bulb went on above my head!

(actually, it was just the porch light..Ricky turned it on while I was standing on the porch)

I wondered if they might have had the forethought to adjust the income levels considering the poor state of the economy and rising costs of everything from green peppers to toidy paper!

Surely they thought of that!!!

We just might qualify this year!

Well… boy was I wrong.

And in a BIG way.

Oh they adjusted something all right!

The prices of the lunches.

Clayton’s went from $2.00 a day to $2.60 a day.

M’Kayla and Rick will now be paying $2.00 a day…each.  As apposed to the $1.98 I was paying for M’Kayla last year.

So…if you are following along…that’s $6.60 a day for my three kids to eat lunch.

I know I know…what am I complaining about right???

In the grand scheme of things, that’s pretty cheap to feed three kids. (if you can call what they give them food…mostly processed junk and fried stuff.)

But there was no adjustment to the qualifying income chart.

Now, while I’m complaining…I know I shouldn’t really be.  We can afford the $132.00 a month (sort of)

And there are folks out there who don’t qualify who are in much worse shape than we are.

But I have seen this sort of thing go on across the board.  The cost of living increase is what…12% now?

And how many of us have seen raises to help cover that?

I’d venture to say not many.

I know we haven’t.

So, while I know that (at least until granny moves in MUWHAHAHAHA) we won’t qualify, I’m certain we can make it work.

I just wish the “powers that be” would take into account that while the cost of everything has increased, very few of us have had an increase in income to cover it.

And darn it…I would be able to handle $1.20 a day I’d have to pay for reduced lunches for ALL THREE kids much easier than the full priced $6.60 a day.

I know we’ll make it…but I do have to wonder how many kids will go hungry at school this year because of the increase. And that makes me really, really sad.

Now I’m off to try to convince M’Kayla that using last year’s book bag would be “green”…..and trendy. And cool.


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