finally fixed.


Sorry I haven’t been posting lately.

It seems that wordpress was having issues with photos uploading.

And I got frustrated.

So I walked away from it for awhile.

Then I had my mouth worked on..and today is the first day I’ve felt at all like sitting upright, let alone typing.

So..well…I got nothing.

Nothing exciting has happened here.

(unless you count the stitches I have in my gums…but that wasn’t fun…not even a little.)

I was going through my pictures today and remembered that I forgot to share the pics of the kids in the sprinkler with all of you.

So…without further ado…kids in sprinklers:

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without a jaunt through the sprinkler.

Jason had to show the water how tough he is….that boy is a scrapper!

Um…Rick? It’d be easier to play follow the leader if you watched where you were going.

Ahhhh…to be young and carefree again!

Then, of course..there is the fine art of drinking out of the sprinkler…

Overall, I think they had a great time! Buncha crazy kids!

And every now and take two pictures on two different days and you happen to see them and realize that there is some weird resemblance between the subjects.

Either pair you take, it’s nothing but trouble!


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