My day with the kids


I guess, technically, since it’s summer vacation that I have spent every day with the kids since…oh…since I can’t remember.

(please…school…start soon.)

But today I really spent some time hanging out with them.

Well, that and my nephew Jason is here..and any length of time that these three younger kids are left to play, cooped up in a house together is loud at best.

And Brian sleeps during the day.

So I had to get them out of the house.

Good thing we have a park close by!!!

So, I packed them up, grabbed my camera and off to the park we went.

*FYI..this will be picture heavy..if you have dialup…go take a bath…it might be loaded when you get back)

We got to the park and the kids took off. Well, most of them. M’Kayla simply cannot ignore a photo op..

I told her she was a camera hog…she gave me this look:

And promptly stormed off to play. I think she might have mumbled something like “FINE! I’ll go play!”

To which, I said “good…go”

It gave me the opportunity to take pictures of someone else….someone like…

the ever elusive teenager!

At first, he seems a bit annoyed that I’m pointing the camera in his direction, but he forces a smile..sort of:

But then…he gets shy…he wants no more of this foolishness:

When looking away doesn’t work…he pops off with some little quip about how if I don’t stop taking his picture, I’ll be sorry…

To which I say “oh yeah? whaddya gonna do tough guy!” And he simply replies by activating his teen ager force field….the hair screen:

I have no way to counteract this other than telling him he looks like a girl…which I do. Then he gets all offended and makes teen-ager noises of disgust and takes off to play with the little kids, who have been having a blast playing on the playground while I was annoying the teen.

Here they all are admiring Jason’s ability to “hang out”…

And here is M’Kayla swinging….

And here is what happened to Jason when I wasn’t looking….poor little guy slipped on a bar and,well…um. Ouch:

and no…I’m not mean..I didn’t start snapping pics until I knew for sure that

  1. He wasn’t going to pass out
  2. He wasn’t going to cry
  3. The integrity of his future fertility had not been compromised
  4. I gave him a stern talking to about standing on poles, which I imagine was not warranted considering I’m certain his lesson had been learned.

After Jason’s little run in with the bar…all of the kids became a little apprehensive about the playground equipment and decided it was time to sit for a bible lesson (I was reading my bible)…oh, and to drink all of my coke. The turds. Well, all of them except for the ever illusive teen-ager. He was off somewhere being “cool”.

And since the little kids saw the teen ager being all cool…they decided it was much too hot to hang at the park anymore today. So we headed home and they changed into their suits and busted out with the sprinkler.

Now they are sitting in the living room..watching sponge bob and snapping the whip at me to make dinner.

Evidentially a hard day at play makes one hungry.

Hopefully it makes one tired too.

I can only hope!


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