School Clothes


Ok…I want to know who the dork was that decided kids need new clothes every year before school starts.

I want to know so I can kick him or her (most likely a her…hers like to shop….surely some stupid woman came up with this concept) in the shins.

I’m having heart burn with back to school shopping this year.

Most likely because I have to buy stuff for three kids this year.

One of them is a picky girl…and girl clothes are, for some stupid reason, more expensive than boy clothes.

One of them is a picky teen ager. Just when did he get an opinion on what he wears? I am perfectly capable of purchasing “cool” clothes for him. And not everything has to have some clever lil’ quote about how much he hates homework or his sister or breathing.

One of them is a fresh, new, kindergartener…I love the kinder age. They aren’t picky. They are happy with the cheap-o backpack from wal-mart with some annoying character on it. They aren’t concerned with what clothes you buy…they just want their butts covered. (most of the time..your kindergartener might like to be nekkid..which is alarming..but whatever floats their lil’ boats I say.) They honestly don’t care what you buy them to wear..they just want new glue to sniff and new crayons to break.

*sigh* I can’t believe he’s going into kindergarten.  I must remember to wash his face before I send him.

Anyway…back to the school clothes.

I have been searching online for some deals…and have found very little.

Over at Crazy 8 they are having a great sale on jeans…$9.99 each if you buy two or more. Polo’s and graphic t’s are also on sale there.

And at Gymboree they are having a great back to school sale too. And they have the CUTEST stuff…very modest for girls…yanno..girls clothes that look like, well, little girls should wear them. Not mini-tramps-in-training. I could spend a fortune in there.

I have to admit though, I have been doing a lot of laundry for the past two days (trying to get caught up before my surgery on Friday) and I have noticed that my kids have already got tons of clothes.

So…this begs the question…just why do they have to get so much new stuff?

I think I’ll just pick up one or two special outfits for each kid, new shoes and haircuts and call it good until the clearance sales start.

No one is going to care if they wear the same clothes they had last year.

So, to the evil inventor of back to school clothes shopping…I say “Pftttttttttt on you!”

*kicking toward the shin*


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