Another random post day


I have not been updating this thing nearly as often as I should.

I really need to be better about that.

And since I have no valuable insight to impart upon you will get randomness.

Random post #1:

I am SO glad they have finally gotten some cute clothes for little girls that don’t make them look like mini-hookers at the big box stores.  It’s about time. The children’s place and gymboree are too dang expensive for me and I want my daughter to dress like the little girl she is.  So, to the big box stores…thank you!

Random post #2:

This child:

Is hell on his tires.  I mean, just how often do normal kids pop the tubes in their tires?  Well….he popped another one today.  I’m just going to have to buck up and pay for the solid tubes…which will feel all funky to him and not ride right..but tough.  I’m tired of him popping tubes. The big turd.  Or maybe I’ll just make him start buying the darn things himself!

Random post #3:

This dog:

Is the bane of my existence, the thorn in my side, the only thing that makes me wish I knew how to fire a sniper rifle.   I hate this dog.  And I love dogs!!! But not this one….I truly think this dog is satan in fur.  Don’t let his little brown eyes fool you…this dude will rip your tendons out of your ankle given the chance. And now that his owner’s “roommate” *coughboyfrienddujourcough* has moved out…he is back to being outside all the time…barking his annoying bark at anything that moves…over and over and over and over and over again.  As a matter of fact…he just put this stupid dog in the house for the night.  It’s after midnight here. How, you ask, do I know he just put him in the house??? Because the barking finally stopped.  I’m no proponent of violence against animals..but this one? This one needs  a good boot in the butt.

Random post #4:

I know I’m not a professional photographer…not by a long shot. But I am trying to learn the trade. And one of the best ways for me to learn is to practice. So…please….if I am within earshot of you…don’t roll your eyes and say “she thinks she’s little miss photographer” when I get my camera out to take pics because someone asked me to.   (no, I won’t tell you who said it…so don’t ask.)

You kind of hurt my feelings…for about a nanosecond…then I looked at the shots I got and quietly said “piss off”  to you in my head.

Random post #5:

THIS WEATHER IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I am just loving these milder days!!!  Tomorrow I am going to take advantage of this AMAZING weather and work in the yard…then I just might see if I can dress my kids up and take them somewhere pretty and do a photo shoot….beins I’m lil’ miss photographer and all. :.)~

Random post #6:

I have to come up with something to take to a potluck….We are having church in the park on the 10th (you are all invited!!!! Lemme know if you wanna come and I’ll get you the details!!! It’s gonna be a blast!)

I may have to hit up my sister-in-law for that awesome salad with the beans and avocado and cilantro in it…it’s uber (yeah..I said what?) good.   I want to take a couple of side dishes and maybe a dessert. Or maaaaybe…I’ll make my husband make some of his wonderful homemade bread to take..yeah, I know you read this Brian…you is makin some bread big-un!

Random post #6:

It is late…I am tired.  I am all out of random-ness so I am off to bed.  Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


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  1. The demon dog is a COCKER….what ELSE would you expect?!!! They are stupid, mean, annoying and I wouldn’t trust one for a SECOND!!

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