I love weddings…


We went to a wedding over the weekend.

It was the beginning of a whirl-wind weekend full of ups and downs, of happy and sad…it was quite a ride!

But back to the wedding.

It was a lovely ceremony.

And I brought my camera.

(of course….silly readers..I take it everywhere!)

Now…I really wanted to get down and dirty and shoot this wedding..but I had to respect the photographer who was there and being paid to shoot it.

I put myself in her shoes..I’d have been furious if someone had stepped in and gotten in my way when I was working.

But I did manage to take a few pics that I’m happy with.

And, of course, I am going to bore you to death with them.

Here ya go!!!  (and Congrats to Mark and Erin!)

The groom”s dad’s car….I love it!!!

I had to get this shot of the groom’s shoes..he’s really into softball and wore his cleats! Too funny!

Here is the groom and his mom.

Here are some of the flowers…they were soooooo simple and soooooo pretty!

And finally…I caught one of the groomsmen holding the ring bearer…it was just too cute to pass up!

I think I might have to try to find a few more weddings to shoot….except this time I’ll take more pictures!

This was too much fun!


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  1. Well, Lil Miss Photographer…I must say that I thoroughly enjoy your photos and you do a wonderful job. I truly love the photo of the bride and grooms feet. That is one that NEVER gets thought of, and it really tells a story itself. OMG…that CAR!!!!! WOW!!! I wanna ride in it! In period clothing even! So anyway, whoever called you that should be smacked around. I think I know who said it, but I won’t elaborate! Keep up the wonderful work. You do have a talent there.

    Love You!

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